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The big presidential election happens on 3/22, and many overseas Chinese head back to Taiwan to vote! My reason for going back was for a reunion with my college classmates, something planned since last year. I will also get to meet my junior high classmates, and maybe even some elementary school friends!

They was a little late taking off. While sitting at the gate, the lights in the cabin went off, and they tried to turn them back on, off they went, and back on, and so on for 5-6 times! It sure didn't look promising. However, it was fixed quickly and we were off. It was raining pretty hard in Tokyo, and I sure hoped that we didn't have to use any emergency procedures if the electricity went out again in flight. But now I have arrived safely in Taiwan, all is well. The weather in Taipei was dry, and a bit warmer than in Tokyo. I saw the moonlight reflected on the wing during landing, so I knew the moon was out too.

I don't know why but I sure don't remember the airport very well. When we landed, and deplaned into the terminal, it felt just like any airport elsewhere, not too different from Tokyo's Narita in feeling. However, there were 30 or so stations at the immigration entry open, and the lines were a lot shorter than in Tokyo. Since I checked in real early, maybe that's why my luggage came out last. I was hoping it wasn't lost again (it happened in Rome, and once on the way home). Luggage retrieved, I looked for an ATM, and the Bank of Taiwan one was good enough to give me some NT so I was set to go to Taipei.  Don't forget to browse through the free information stand as you exit the luggage are into the terminal, there were plenty of free maps for all parts of Taiwan, in Chinese and in English and some other languages.

I took a taxi since it was late and I didn't want to figure out the bus route, which would probably not take me that close to the hotel anyway. At almost 1100NT, it was not  cheap, but the taxi driver knew where the hotel was and got me here directly. It's always a good thing when  checking in, the hotel did not say they never heard of me. I always worry a little bit about that. But they have, and I am in a perfectly adequate room, so I am happy.
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