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Crossing the border in to Tanzania, was the start of many hours waiting around for visas to be able to cross borders, this wasnt to bad here with only an hour and a half to wait. While we walked to the border crossing to meet the truck, we were surrounded by maasai people wanting us to buy jewellery from them, the stuff they had made was fantastic!

After the border crossing we headed for Arusha, where we spent our first nights in tents! oh dear! After being handed a tent, my friend and I struggled to put ours up, where everyone else was having a race to see who could put theirs up the fastest! After a lot of confused looks, people came to our rescue and the tent was soon up (by the end of the trip we could put these tents up with our eyes closed!).

That night the group were given the option of going on a safari. This was a 3 day trip to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, the nights spent camping in these places, it cost $330 but was worth every penny! There were 9 of us who decided to go so early the next day we started our very uncomfortable journey to the serengeti! We were split in to 2 landrovers and went gamedriving for a few hours when we arrived, I had the problem of getting a bit camera friendly as soon as I saw an animal, but calmed down when I realised that something like monkeys and zebras were everywhere!! :) We were camping in the serengetti that night so headed for the campsite to put our tents up. As well as the drivers, we also had a cook, who was busy making dinner when we arrived.

We ate under the stars in the serengeti it was a pretty awesome experience, that night before we went to bed they decided to tell us that there would be hyenas running around the camp area, lying in my sleeping bag I could actually hear the hyenas laughing not to far away! :s

We wanted to make the most of our time in the serengeti so woke up early to a nice cooked breakfast and headed out gamedriving about 6am.  This is the best time to see the animals, and it was amazing to see herds of elephants and a pride of lions in their natural surroundings and walking right in front of the truck! :) After this we headed out of the serengeti towards the Ngorogoro Crater.

We arrived at the crater, late at night and it was absolutely freezing, I never thought I'd be in Africa wrapped up in a scarf, gloves and a big jacket!! That night while everyone was asleep, one of the women who was on the truck with us, started screaming and shouting 'its got my tent, its got me!!' There was lots more shouting as the men ran out of their tents to help, being just a little scared I remained in my tent not having a clue what was going on and because the night before there had been hyenas in the camp site my imagination started getting a bit out of control, and lets just say I didnt sleep at all that night.

In the morning, I discovered that zebras had been eating grass around the tents and one must of got the tent caught in its mouth and started pulling it away! haha I was a little relieved!

The landrover that we had been game driving in wouldnt start this morning, so we had to wait around for about 2 hours for a replacement car, while we were waiting a massive bull elephant worked through the camp it was so amazing! When the replacement car arrived we discovered that we actually had one of the gamekeepers in the crater, he tells us that he has seen cheetahs that morning. After this thats all we want to see! The Ngorongoro crater looks man made its so flat and not much long grass so the animals can be seen really clearly. Half way round the crater, our tour guide spotted the cheetahs in the distance, we followed them and the tour guide tells us that they look like there about to hunt! We spotted them walking towards a group of gazelle, all of a sudden one of them started running towards them, they were so quick, then the other cheetah took over and then there was a big cloud of dust, but the gazelle got away until the seconds later when the first cheetah catches up with it! it was so exciting, even if I did feel a little sorry for the gazelle! Unfortunatley my camera had ran out of battery so I didnt get to capture any of this amazing experience, but its something I'll always remember.



jennjeff1 says:
Looks like a fantastic trip! Great photos! I'd like to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro along the way when I go Africa. ~Jeff
Posted on: Apr 18, 2008
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Serengetti by night
Serengetti by night