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We've been hanging in San pedro laguana for a week now. Its a pretty lake and once we get to a place with faster internet I'll download some pics. I took a week long spanish course which consisted of me waking up at 8:30 every morning and going to class for 4 hrs a day. The course served 2 purposes. The obvious one was that I kinda want to be able to form some sentences in Spanish and stop sounding like a caveman with my one word phrases and hand gestures. The other is Audrey wanted me to wake up every morning and go to yoga class with her so it was a convienent out. I thought my teacher was good but all I really got out of it is that I realized it takes longer than a week to learn a language. San Pedro is cool, it definitely has a party atmosphere, and if I was still in college I would have never left this place.

We moved across the lake yesterday to San Marcos which is know for its relaxation and yogi. Audrey took a yoga class today and I slept in. There are people all around meditating. Earlier today I was walking past the vegatarian resturant next to our place eating a bag of cheetos and a coke and it dawned on me that I don´t belong here. We are leaving tomorrow for Antigua again to try and square away an overnight bus to Nicauragua

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San Marcos La Laguna
photo by: ekthor