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I've changed my mind, I like Nicaragua. I wasn't so sure last week when we arrived. But after a week on the beach in the Carribean, I have a different outlook on things. Little Corn Island isn't the easiest place to get to. First we took a flight from Managua to Big Corn Island. Then its a bumpy 30 min water taxi ride to Little Corn Island. Its about 60mi off the Nicaraguian coast. After typing that though it doesn't sound that hard but I feel like its pretty remote and not the kinda place Carnival cruise line is going to dock at anytime soon. The hut we're staying in has no running water. We have a barrel of well water and our showers consist of a bucket we use to pour water over ourselfs. But its right on the beach and 10 bucks a night so we can't complain.

I spent 3 days trying to get my scuba diving certificate but could not get below 20ft because my ears would not equalize. It was a real let down because this is my second try at getting certified and thought if I took it slow I could get the ears to work but no luck. I'm thinkin I'll have doctor take look before I try again. I did enough to be certified as a scuba diver down to 40ft though. Other than that Little Corn Island was very cool beach to go and relax.

Its such a small island with a tight knit community. Just as an example there was some drama on the island when we were there. When we arrived on the island by water taxi, there was another Candanian couple that arrived at the same time. We had some trouble finding a place to stay because aparently there are other people traveling like us that like to use something called a "reservation". Anyway on our search to find a place we ran back into the Canadanians on the otherside of the island. They were with a local named Dennis who was helping them find a place. Dennis is the local on the island that meets the tourist on the dock and then helps those of us that don't have reservations find a place.  Since he knows everyone on the island he can help you find anything but what the Canadianans wanted was to snorkel the next day. So Dennis says "No problem man, we snorkel tomorrow". The only catch is that he needs $35 tonight so he can arrange it. So the Canadianans give him the money and surprise, surprise Dennis is no where to be found the next day. The Canadianans are not happy and spend all day telling everyone who would listen that Dennis ripped them off. To  Dennis's credit I do not think he was intentually trying to rip them off. I just think for a guy that smokes alot of pot its hard for him to remember how $35 got into his pocket. Anyway by the end of the day  the whole island knew of the situation and the locals called to order a community meeting to try and figure out a solution. So the next day Dennis told us that they agreeded he is to be the offical greeter on the on island and is to wear a T-Shirt and nametag. I told him that it sounded like he got a promotion and he just looked at me and shook his head like he was just given the job of 1st mate on the Titanic deciding who gets a spot on the life raft.
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Corn Islands
photo by: ArlsAndTris