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The Gili Islands were one of the most hyped spots on the backpacker grapevine.  I had big expectations when we arrived on our tourist ferry from Bali.  We stayed on the “party” island.  My first impression was that it was very similar to Riley beach in Thailand.  We met up with a dutch girl on the boat found a place together.  Loopy could not remember my name and had tagged me as Craig so I felt obliged to give everyone new names for their time on the island.  That is how Caroline became Loopy, Ian became Chief, and the dutch girl was Whiskey right out of the gate.

Within and hour upon arrival Loopy and Ian were on trips to the moon and I was the designated driver.

  The omelettes hit them hard and fast.  Ian was unable to speak within minutes.  Think fear and loathing and you would not be far off.  In reality I led them away from the crowds and onto the beach were we watched shooting starts and chatted for a couple hours.  From their perspective they lived and entire life full of Indian chiefs, dragons, geometric colors, and Neil Armstrong. 

The days that followed were numb.  Whiskey and Loopy went diving but Ian and I could not be bothered since we had been to Sipidan recently.  We spent a few days trying to focus on our books but constantly being distracted by the sun baked bikinis.

My favorite day was spent walking through the middle on my own.  The locals all live in the center and it was nice to see some real life away from the tourist section.  Life is slow and full of smiles on the Gili Isles.

Travbuddie: Ian (UK), Loopy (UK), Whiskey (Holland)

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