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It is ridiculous to say that my travels from Singapore to Alona Beach in the Philippines were the most difficult of my trip because I have had many difficult travels troughout my year but this one does stand out in my mind.  I left Singapore at 3:00 pm and took five buses, three taxis, two flights, a ferry, and walked a mile to get to Alona Beach at 9:00 pm the following evening.   Travel in the Philippines did not get any easier as I will point out in the coming entries.

Alona beach is the main tourist stop on Bohol but is very sleepy compared to most places I have been.  It only takes ten minutes to walk from one end of the beach to the other.  Like most of the Philippines, the majority of the tourists are Korean Japanese, and Philippino.

  I stayed for a week and only saw about a dozen backpackers.

I do not have a lot to compare with when it comes to diving but my excursions under the sea at the nearby Balicasag Island blew away anything I had done before.  The visibility was fantastic and I even got a sense of vertigo that I had heard other divers talk about in the past.  At one point I was in the middle of a school of three foot long fish that was so large I could see nothing else.

The chocolate hills is the main tourist draw to the island and is hyped as one of the main things to do in the Philippines.  It was quite expensive to do a tour to them and I had heard that it was nice to get there on your own via motorbike.  Never having ridden one before I rented a 125 cc beast and set off to explore the island's highlights.

  I lasted about 50m before taking a tumbled and ripping apart my beloved flip flops.  I just finished filling up with gas and was starting it back up.  There was a problem with the throttle and when It lunged forward when I put it into gear.  Ha ha I suck I know.  I was a more than a little intimidated especially because helmets do not exist in those parts of the world.  I considered taking it back and giving up but threw that crap idea out quickly.  I walked back to my guesthouse with one bare foot to change into my shoes and then continued on with my day.  I was happy that there was a long stretch of road where I could practice my skills before having to deal with traffic.  It took me a while to get comfortable but by the end of the day I was blazing around the s-bends up the mountain at 80 kph own my way to the famous hills.

On the way I stopped at in Loboc to see the smallest primates in the world.  The saucer eyed taisers which stand only a couple inches tall where on display in a small sanctuary.  They are sleepy little guys that are so cute and cuddly that even grown men (author excluded) make baby noises when they see them.

The ride from Loboc to the chocolate hills was fantastic.  I got to see real Philippino life in the small villages untainted by tourism.  The scenery along the windy road was incredible.  In places the forrest draped over the road making a natural ceiling, in others there were tiered rice fields as far as the eye could see.  There were also several picturesque decaying catholic churches along the way.  The chocolate hills would have been a disappointment if I had any expectations but I was not really to excited about it.  The day as a whole was easily my best of my stay on Bohol.

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Alona Beach
photo by: canuck_downunder05