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Singapore's modern reflective downtown core connected by impeccable subways was in stark contrast with the rest of South East Asia.  The core could be transplanted into North America and would fit right in. 

I chose to stay in bustling little India because of the "budget" accommodation options available.  There were excellent eaters but this area was dwarfed both in charm and in size compared to the one in Kula Lampur.  There was a similar vibe to KL with the multiculturalism and multiple religion groups in close proximity.  While taking a few photos of a Mosk I got tangled up in a half hour conversation with a couple of young Muslims trying to show me the ways of Islam.  I apparently did not do an adequate job showing my lack of interest and even less belief in their babblings because they offered me a couple of books on how to convert.
  I gave them a bit of read that day at lunch.  The book was written in a manner that attempted to show that Muslim was the only true religion based on rational thought.  I am a Engineer and a natural rational thinker.  I could not help myself.  I read a good portion writting notes in the margins pointing out the gaping holes in the theory especially those discounting science.  I was planing on heading back to the Mosk the following day to query the young man about the blatant untruths in the books that he gave me but I ended up staying out way too late and slept most of the following day away until I had to catch a bus back to KL.

At $11 USD a beer this was one of the most expensive cities I have ever seen.  I had heard quite a bit about the nightlife and was felling quite deprived after Malaysia so I went out both weekend nights.
  Clark Quaye is the trendy new nightlife area along the river.  I have never seen such a expansive pristine area dedicated to drinking.  There was a bar for pretty much everyone here.  Anything from Hooters, to pricey lounges, to high end all night clubs.  I found it much easier to meet local girls here because most were just normal people out for a night as opposed to the hookers that plague the nightlife in most Asian countries.

When I stumbeled in at 5:00 am on Saturday morning the girls staying in my hostel told me to take a look over my bed before I hoped in.  They claimed to have heard what sounded like a tap flowing from the bed above me.  Sure enough the 45 year old Aussie pissed himself.  After a thorough inspection I decided that the mattress was thick enough and nothing had made it down to my bunk below him.
  After talking shit about him for a good while with the girls we all tried to sleep.  When the room went silent he got up and toweled down his bed and hopped back on.  They kicked him out the next morning before I got up.  I was woken up at 11:00 the next morning by the hostel guy because I had not paid for the following day and he was kicking me out.  I had never heard of such a thing and was not in the mood after a short sleep under a piss bag.  He made me move to the next room for a reason I still don't understand.  Whatever.  In the end it worked to my advantage because it was just me a five Swedish girls.  Saturday was a night to remember.
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