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Ian had mentioned in passing that an old friend of his was leaving in Bali and he might meet up with her.  I didn’t think much of it even when he said that she might be at the airport to pick him up because he hadn’t even sent her his itinerary.  So I was shocked when we were greeted at the airport by a couple of girls with beers for us.  Loopy’s roommate drove us back to their place.  It was a beautiful open air two story house with a nice yard.  Unfortunately they were both chemical heads and had got themselves evicted.  We were welcome to stay the night but they were getting the boot the next day.

Ian and I headed for Kuta.  This is the place that is coined as Cancun for Aussies.  The seemingly endless maze of restaurants, bars, and surf shops was a bit overwhelming.  I had never seen anything quite like it.

The beach was surprisingly quiet.  There were a lot of people out there, some of them topless, but the beach was so ridiculously long that it seemed deserted in places.  I wanted to learn how to surf but I was still nursing my open wounds on my foot from a fall caused by my shitty flip flops so I didn’t want to spend any length of time in the bacteria filled sea.

We went out for a big night at the Sky Bar.  Loopy was a regular there.  She even had her picture on the flyer.  We bought a bottle of gin.  You know that goes… I was dancing on the tables with some local girls.  Somewhere along the way I lost my camera.  I was shooed off countless hookers on scooters as I tried to regain my bearings in the sea of identical narrow streets.  It took a while but I eventually made it home in one piece.

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photo by: eddie8498