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After sweating profusely in cheap beach bungalows for over a month the crisp cool air of the Cameron Highlands was a welcomed change of climate.   This is one of Malaysia's top tourist attractions for the local people.  The main draw is to see the picturesque rolling hills covered in tea plantations into the horizon in all directions.  I was not really too excited about it but I thought that it was something that I should do.  I was blown away when I walked around the final corner allowing a full panoramic view of the Boh Tea Estate.  The pictures do not do the vastness of the operation justice.  I was greatful that it was only drizzling because most days rain all afternoon.  There were only a handful of harvesters manually picking the tea along the 40 minute path down to the overhanging tea shop and museum.
  I really enjoyed the walk but there was not much to the museum and most of the tea they sold was unbelievably not even grown there.

I was not looking forward to the long walk back to the main road.  The rain was getting ever stronger as all of the bus drivers turned me away claiming that they were already full with paid customers on a tour.  I have never hitch hiked before but I heard it was quite safe here.  Just as I was considering giving it a go a couple of young girls pulled over and offered me a ride with wide smile.  I didn't even have my thumb out.  I graciously accepted.  They were going to a few other sites before heading back to town so I tagged along for a free tour to some other plantations and butterfly parks.
  I thought that they were lesbians straight away because they were constantly holding hangs or walking with their arms around each other.  Since then I have found that this is just normal behavior for close friends in Malaysia.  It took a while to get used to straight same sex people holding hands all the time.  Either way they were very friendly and brought me right back to my guesthouse which saved me a lot of hassle.

There were restaurants a-plenty down the main drag.  Most were Indian, Chinese, Malay and interesting combinations of the three.  Bunga Suria's Indian meals served on a banana leaf were some of my favorites Since I started traveling in August.  Three dollars got me more than I could eat of several different types of spicy curries and a sweat lassi.

I was planning on spending a few days exploring the many hiking trails around which were supposedly filled with wildlife and interesting vegetation including the largest flower in the world that is several feet wide.  Everyone told me that I could only hike in the morning that were usually sunny but the afternoons were always rainy.  I woke up early to heavy rain and decided to head south after only one night  in the area because I was supposed to meet my friend in Singapore in a few days and I didn't want to waste one on rain.
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Posted on: Apr 24, 2008
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Cameron Highlands
photo by: forevert2