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So wow. Tonight's journey through the city was full of unexpected events; mostly from the homeless. Our first encounter was with a man wearing a cardboard sign on his chest that read, "Why lie, I need beer." Later, when we stopped at a Starbucks, a man approached me and asked if I was in some movie or other production. I was sorry to disappoint him. Next, we had a homeless man follow us for a couple blocks freestyling for some money. But the last guy was my favorite. He was talking to us for awhile and explained how he misplaced the keys to his Porche. When we got to the part about where we're from, he stopped dead in his tracks to say, "No shit, I'm from South Orange." He knew several streets in the area that Justin recognized. It was a bonding moment. We parted with his words of, "Alright, New Jersey. Screw these LA people!"

Here I am at the end of my trip. Justin and I concluded our journey today by purchasing SIGGRAPH apparel and viewing some animation presentations that we haven't seen yet. For lunch, we stopped off at the pizza kitchen again. I had the California club pizza.

It's a good thing that I'm leaving today because the X-Games have begun. They have been setting up ever since I got here. It was insane this morning. The longest line ever of people trying to get into the venue. The games are live on ESPN if you are interested.

I wish that we could have done more here than just the conference. Our whole beach plan fell apart since we didn't have a car and taxi prices are way high. Even though the beach is only 12 miles away, the express bus ride would be an hour and a half.

Well, just waiting for my train now. Back to the Jersey shore, where my life is your vacation. (But it will still take me three days to get there.)

Well, looks like I'm not as lucky with the sleeper car on the way out. The price didn't drop to $250, but rather stayed at $630...forget that. Plus, I don't know what Amtrak is talking about; I still have NEVER had a coach seat with an electrical outlet which comes "standard." I don't feel like going to the lounge car to charge my phone or computer, but I might have to now.

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