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I'm sure I've gone through a timezone by now, but I'm still going by my watch until Chicago. Had some weird dreams last night. One of which was finding Jen's mom and grandma on the train when going through NY. It was nice since I haven't seen them in awhile. Really vivid dreams lately of people that I haven't seen in a long time.

Woke up staring at farm land and it's still out there. The last highway sign I saw was 2 hours ago for Cleveland.

I found out this morning from a couple in the dining car that the train was 1 and a half hours late for them. I won't be arriving in Chicago for another 2 1/2.

12:07pm (local time)
Got into Chicago 2-3 hours late. Not sure if my arrival time was their timezone or mine (I would assume central time). Too bad one of my fellow PSTers isn't here.

Sweet! I got my ticket upgraded t a sleeping car for pretty cheap. Having lunch at Corner Bakery and already took some pictures on the streets...don't want to wander too far. Certainly not as busy as NY, although I just heard someone talking about how unusually crowded it is today.

I get to watch Days of Our Lives while I wait for my train that leaves in two hours. I must say that Chicago's security appears to be a bit tighter than NY. That could be because there are less people. Still, I didn't have to show my ID or sign my ticket like here in Illinois. No bag checks either. Just a few more soldiers with rifles...that's the only difference I saw in NY.

Oh man. The announcements in this station are hilarious. They obviously do not come from the same place. For example, you would hear this really loud, "LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, THIS IS THE FINAL CALL FOR THE CALI...LADIES AND GENTLEMAN PLEASE BEGIN BOARDING FOR (insert city) AT TRACK 28." And now I'm on the train to LA. The sleeping car is definitely worth it.

I have also parted ways with Geri, the registered nurse from the Bronx, who accompanied me all the way here thus far.
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