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The CN Tower
So, after some much needed sleep we woke refreshed and ready to explore.

We headed out to find the tourist information centre, which turned out to be a block and a half away from where our map said it was but through my powers of genius (ok so I just followed the building numbers) we managed to track it down and stocked up on leaflets and a more accurate map of the area. We headed down to Union Station which is the main train station and sat down to look through the info we had garnered. We must of had quite puzzled expressions on our faces while perusing the info because a lady that had been sitting a few seats down from us came up and started talking to us, asking where we had been and mentioned a few places of interest. I must be losing my London wariness already because my first instinct wasn't to protect my valubles from the crazy/weird person!

We decided to head up in to town to find the bus station and see about booking a Greyhound bus to take us up to Haliburton.
City Hall
I've found that  Toronto is very particular about things, it likes everything to be very neat. All the roads are straight lines, the cross roads form nice little boxes at each intersection, there are recycling bins next to the normal trash bins and the food in their shops is very organized. Maybe this is true of all Canada, I will have to wait and see.

We spent most of the day wandering around town, trying to orientate ourselves with how the place was laid out and just seeing what was about. We found City Hall, described in the guide book as looking like 'a space ship engulfed by a giant clam' which looked down on the outdoor ice rink under the freedon arches.

After dinner we headed into China town to explore but most of the markets were closing and it was only the restaurants that were still open. We decided to try one of the bars mentioned in the guide book, mainly because there was no cover charge (we are on a budget!) and it had live music every night. It turned out to be an.......interesting experiance. As soon as we walked in, before we even had a chance to speak we had a guy at the bar offer to buy us both a drink. Seeing as it would of been rude to refuse such a kind offer (and it meant a cheap night for us!) I asked for a lemonade and Rachel got a Carlsberg Red. The guy as it turned out was 58, drunk as a skunk and somewhat notorious in the bar as an oddball. Hey if he wants to spend his money on buying me drinks I'm not going to argue! We mainly let him ramble and just nodded and said "uh huh" here and there, though we did try and change the subject fairly speedily when he started talking about having sex while ice fishing! *shudders* In the hour we were chatting he bought us two drinks each, offered to pay for us to spend the weekend in a posh hotel, the use of his house in Mexico and to leave the bar and go back to his house to listen to Jazz. Strangely enough we declined on everything but the drinks. Thankfully at 10pm the live music started and we moved from the bar area into the darker lounge area to watch the band. The female Jazz singer was actually pretty good and we had a pleasant time listening to some tunes. Our new 'friend' took himself off home shortly after, we discovered.

syddyprescott says:
LOL so mum worrying abt u meeting strange ppl while travling came true then *desides not to print this off for her to read*
Posted on: Mar 07, 2008
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The CN Tower
The CN Tower
City Hall
City Hall
photo by: yasuyo