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Lake Mead, artificially made thanks to Hoover dam

So, we flew from Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale as it was cheaper (much) than flying straight to Miami.

We had to get up at 6.30am to catch the airport shuttle at 7.30. It dropped us at McCurran airport, which was just behind the main strip. We checked in and then got ourselves a hearty breakfast as our first flight only served a snack midflight.

Aerial view of Hoover dam
Our plane was due to leave at 9.30am but was late arriving due to head winds so we were late leaving. We were a bit worried about this as we had less than an hour between arriving at Houston (our changeover stop) and our next plane leaving. Our flight path took us over the edge of the Grand Canyon so we ended up seeing it from the air after all!

We arrived half an hour later than planned and speed walked our way through the terminals as we were meant to have checked in at least 45mins before take off. Turns out we need not have worried as our second plane was delayed too. We realised we were quite lucky in comparison as there were 60+ people that had also been delayed and had actually missed their connecting flights, meaning they were stuck at the airport on standby tickets.

We lost 3 hours travelling from Nevada to Florida so arrived at 7.

The Grand Canyon from the air
30pm. We hopped into a cab as we didnt want to both trying to get the two buses the directions described to our hostel. We pulled up at a hostel/crew house for deckhands called Floyds at gone 8pm to find the office locked and no one about. We wandered about until we found one of the tennants doing his laundry and asked him if there was anyone that could check us in. He said they had gone but if we gave them a call they would probably come back. He very kindly let us use the phone in his room and I dialed the number displayed in the office window.

I spoke to a lady and apologised for being late. I said we had booked via a website for two nights and gave her our names. She then replied tht she had no idea who we were, she had no booking for us and the place was full so had nowhere to put us! Needless to say we wernt impressed and were very worried about where we were going to sleep, the beach looked like a viable option.

She said we could try next door as they might have room and promptly hung up, very helpful! We trudged next door, catching the manager just as he was leaving. We explained our situation to him and said that next door had told us to try him. He said tht he didnt normally take backpackers, his place was for deckhands that were training but he would see what he could do when he got back. With that he got into his car and left, leaving us sitting on a bench in the dark, in the front garden for a good 20 minutes. He eventually came back and found beds for us, we were very thankful, bad mouthing the website we had booked through and intended to write a very strongly worded email to in the morning.

I was placed into a room which had 3 other girls, Rachel was put into a dorm with guys, hehe. After we had dumped our bags we went out to find dinner, stopping at Denny's as it was the closest.

One of the many marinas in Fort Lauderdale
Once we had filled our bellies it was quite late and we were exhusted from travelling so we both retired to bed. I had only been in bed a few minutes when there was a tentitive knock on the door and Rachel came in looked sheepish. She came up to me and whispered that we had come to the wrong hostel. Pardon!?! Yep, we had booked at a place called Deauville hostel and crew house but when we arrived at the airport Rachel had looked in the guide book, seen Floyd hostel and crew house, only acknowledged the crew house part and gave directions for Floyds. Ooops!!! She only realised the cock up once she had checked her email confirmation. Next morning we decided to stick with the story we had told (in all honesty believing it was true at the time) the night before, checked out and headed to right place!

It didnt look far on the map so decided to walk there. We realised it was a mistake to try and walk it after we had passed dozens of roads but hadnt moved even a milimetre on the map. It was also blazing hot and we were both drenched in sweat so we flagged down a cab and enjoyed a breeze filled journey the rest of the way, which turned out to be a heck of a lot further than we thought. We made up a sob story about being one of the many people that had been delayed and missed their connecting flight to tell the hostel, hoping he wouldnt charge us for our missed night. Thankfully he didnt and we were checked into our room with no problems. We then grabbed a towel and headed for the beach, which was half a block away.

We spent the rest of the day sunbathing on the beach and jumping through the waves in the sea, thoroughly enjoying ourselves. We enjoyed ourselves a bit too much though as we forgot to reapply sun lotion enough and ended up getting burnt. Rachel has a very red back and I have two red arms. We were more careful the next day, making sure to keep covered. We didnt stay out as long either, but this was due more to the fact that it started raining then our common sense.

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Lake Mead, artificially made thank…
Lake Mead, artificially made than…
Aerial view of Hoover dam
Aerial view of Hoover dam
The Grand Canyon from the air
The Grand Canyon from the air
One of the many marinas in Fort La…
One of the many marinas in Fort L…