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The Falls

So, a rather tired pair face the day.

We were in the kitchen area having breakfast when our stalker came in. I really cant keep called her our stalker as shes actually very nice, but I dont know her name, somehow we went straight into conversation and forgot to introduce ourselves. Shes from Germany and has been travelling round Canada on her own for the past 11 months. We had a bit of a bitch session about "The Walrus" (see last entry if you dont understand) and then went our separate ways for the day. We had to find the supermarket first thing so we took a wander through town and tried to find our way, thankfully finding it without much trouble (the German girl told us where to find it) and purchased lunch and dinner items. We then headed back to the hostel to make lunch before heading to the museum.

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Unfortunately the hummus I had bought turned out to have mold spores growing on it *vomits*. I pitched it into the bin and had to be content with a red onion sandwich. Rachel wasnt very happy as it made my breath smell for the rest of the day, oops.

On the way to the museum we had to walk down some very steep roads, mainly hanging onto the handrails that were available and walking slower that a snail when they werent. We took a slight detour and wandered down "The narrowest street in North America". It was very pretty as all the shops still had their christmas decorations up and there was a little gap between the row of shops where a little clearing had several christmas trees and bird houses. The museum was pretty good, the exhibition on Dragons turned out to be all about the mythology behind them. It went from ancient superstitions throughout the land to how different cultures used the dragon symbol, some to warn of evil, others for good. Through the ages, how early explorers mistook dinosaur bones for those of dragons, to modern day fairytales of dragons. After we walked round an exibition detailing Quebecs history and then one called Urbanopolis. It had loads of miniture models showing how different archtects and designers thought the future of cities should look, to cope with stresses such as the fast growing population, sea levels rising, global warming etc.

Quebec City is very different from Montreal. Its much more relaxed, with a quaint small town feel, much more like France (I imagine) than Montreal. Everything in Montreal felt frantic, you had to walk fast, talk fast and no one seemed that bothered about you. Here everyone takes the time to converse with you, even bus drivers what to know where we are from! I would recommend this place to anyone, but Summer would definetly be the best time to come.

Once we got back to the hostel we unfortunately encountered "The Walrus" again. We were sitting in the kitchen area while Rachel had a cup of tea when she appeared. We cringed inside but greeted her cordilly, saying a polite hello. She asked if we were going out for dinner again, we said we were staying in and cooking a meal. Rachel disappeared to the kitchen to get rid of her cup and left me alone with it, thanks! "The Walrus" asked me what we were having for dinner. I said just a stir fry, nothing special and she seemed to lose interest and wandered into the kitchen. Rachel soon scampered out looking scared and whispered that "The Walrus" had gone in and said to her that someone had stolen all her food from the fridge so that she now had nothing to eat, with a puppy dog look on her face. Sorry luv but we are on a tight enough budget as it is without having to feed you too. From what we can gather she hasnt been outside the hostel since we arrived 3 days ago, she sleeps, wanders about and sleeps again. She said to us that she had asked her mum to send her more money so she could stay longer, why when you clearly have no interest in seeing anything here would you want to stay longer?!

Last night proved to be just as draining as the night before, going through the same routine except with a few extra quirks. First was the giggling. "The Walrus" would be buried under her quilt and randomly burst into fits of laughter. We thought she had a walkman or MP3 and was listening to something, nope, nothing, just random giggling....constantly. Then after we had settled into bed, she managed to knock a can of coke off the shelf on the wall by her bed, which meant it fell through the gap between the bed and the wall, straight onto my bed, soaking my sheets (and me) in coke. This was around half twelve, we were all still awake as we had been subjected to more door slamming. I got a cursery sorry, before yet more giggling. To say I was pissed off was a major understatement! Thankfully she transfered rooms today, she missed check out time because she was still in bed. She actually had to ask me what day it was because she didnt know!

Anyhow........today we went to Montmorency Falls. We had asked at reception about how to get there and discovered it only costs $5 to get the bus there and back. It was meant to be a 10 minute walk once we got off the bus but we took a wrong turn so it turned into a twenty minute trek. Crossing a road I stepped into a HUGE puddle and in doing so discovered that my boots are not waterproof(!) We were starving as we hadnt made lunch so we stopped into a tiny little Thai resturant, it was the best decision we made all day. We got a very generous portion of egg fried rice (mine sans chicken) for a very cheap price and because while we were sat down I looked out the window and spotted a gate in the long fence we had been following trying to find the top of the falls. We decided to try it and it turned out to be a wise move as it lead us straight to the start of the bridge over the falls. Most of the falls was still frozen, with only a few sections here and there where the river above it had found a weak spot and broken through, to cascade down into the lake beneath and then out to merge with the frozen river. The rain that had been spattering down most of the day almost abruptly switched to snow, and grew decidely heavier so we retreated to the bus stop (note there was no shelter) to head home. Unfortunately the bus took 45 minutes to arrive, by which time my feet had turned into icicles. The bus driver did give me an origami bird that he had made, so I was happy.

Aopaq says:
I hope you will be in Quebec City to experience the Winter Carnival...it is a great time!
Thanks for sharing your adventures....they make for an entertaining read! Sure hope your hostel experiences improve.
Posted on: Jan 30, 2008
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The Falls
The Falls
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Close Up
Quebec City
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