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My bags were packed, my mind was set, ticket , passport, ID, money....CHECK.

Now what? Well to work of course! Since my flight wasn't until the late evening I had time to crunch in some last minute work..Making sure all was ready for my absence and that my desk was clear of any important items. I though i had pleanty of time.. but time eventually caught up with me and before I knew it I had to go. The trip to the SFO ( San Francisco International Airport) from Mountain House ( where I work) was a surreal experience. I have made this trip to the airport many many times , but not for myself. It didn't feel like I was going until I was on the plane!

Check in was unusually quick and I was at my terminal 1 1/2 hours before boarding..

Waiting was excruciating since I don't have patience when i'm bored. But finally we start boarding. During check in I had asked the airling personell if my carry-on was too heavy?She replied no. So assuming she knew what she was doing I proceeded. At the Gate my bag was weighed and low and behold my carry-on was indeed TOO heavy. Mind you if this ever occurs there is a fee to pay. SO they tag my luggage was set it aside give me my "ticket" for the excess weight and let me board. At the same time informing me I will have to pay the fee once I arrive in Manila.

Maybe the travel gods were looking down on me that day but once I arrived in Manila..there was never any mention of a fee. Who am I to argue with the airport authorities..So i said nothing and proceeded to get by boxes.
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