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well after some good night in toledo and madrid on my last trip in spain me and my new friend paco deside to go on this country in the north of madrid segovia!!!!!!!!!!!

if u like a place or the time said good bye to 2008 so is the place to be segovia is a older town a the period of the romain  u can find on the central place the aqueduc a big wall of stone builded by the romain since to much time wow is the great architecture i saw in my life i try to tell is nominate for me on the 7 wonder of the world wow its so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

segovia is a place where u can find very old thing and very hug building i think one day is never enought only to figure it out all the city so i suggest to pass maybe 4 days or 1 wonderfull week on this paradise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all the building and street bring u on the fairy place of segovia u can feel the life of the time and try to understand why this city was so great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

like everyone who pass there im sure u will take so 1 hour stting on the aqueduc only the see the old palce and the great thing of the architecture wow very amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!after that u take the old street and go to see the hug cathedral of this place wow a wonderfull building builded on a big square and take place on the heart of the old city u can spend maybe 2 hours and more on it and i think its a great experience for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! well after all this good time u take the way direction the castel wow in my life is the first time i saw a great real castel like this one only in my dfream i figure it out a castel like that i falling in love with the place a big panorama views of the city and a big emplacement of the site very exeptonnel !!!!!!!!!! if u have the chance go there and take ur time to appreciate the palce very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

segovia like toledo and madrid was printed in my heart diffinatly for the rest of my life very amazing palce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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photo by: Mortyzia