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Each night when i arrive at my hostel room i do a little diary about what i need and what i like in life and i do this each night and i swear this kind of time in life is very important to know who u are and kno wwhat u need and after my trip in spain i come back home with good value and very happy cause now i was know what i needed in life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after 1 month in madrid and spending very good time there with friend with traveller and with estefania i decide to call her and ak it if i can go to shcool with her to only make some course with the student and now a wednesday morning i leave with estefania madrid to go to majadahonda and i dont know what happen stand me there so im very exited to live this adventure!!!!!!!!!!!so the shcool beggin and the student look at me like a martien but its nice cause all of tehm have a thousand of cause about me ,my life in canada ,the mousquitos,the snow and all history but dont remember im not very good in spanish but its a french course so im very good in french !!!!!!!!!!the rules is simple ask me a question in french i i answer u in spanish so all people know about language and me sure i learn about spanish i swear no child was shy with me cause we had the same problem of language so imagine the pelasure of each of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i very spend good time there so i repat this 3 time for all my long trip in spain so each wdnesday of month i will in school and spend time with the student very beautifull experience i had at this time and a other way for a newest life for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

majadahonda was a little town i think in the eat of madrid about 15 at 25 minutes of train i think im not sure cause its a long time a go of that!!!!!!!!!!!but i really appreciate my time there is a town who people have more money so the city is clean and very nice and peopel there too was nice with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lauro says:
what a start of your adventure mario!
Posted on: Dec 04, 2008
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when i had 21 years old i leave my country for a very long trip in a another world spain!!!!!!!!!!!!

i needed to leave cause i needed to change my life and many things inside me always people need sometime to find a new way to continued life very well cause at this time i dont know where i go go in school ,life and love so i take a long trip to put my head clean and safe!!!!!!!!

i had 21 years old and i tell to my mom now its time to leave i needed to find myself!!!!!!so i buoght a aiplane ticket one week one years and i dont know when i come back home !!!!!!!!so nice adventure beggin !!!!!!!!!!!! I choose for this trip a country or where i suppose we had no big probelm and sure it was easy to walk in the street and meet funny people so the first on tp of my list is spain Madrid!!!!!!!!!!!

long time ago at school i learn spanish only for fun 3 years long i learn this language and now i said in my brain i can use it for the first time!!!!! and sure i were use it .


so september 01 i lived canada for madrid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im alone and nobody wait me there sure i have a couple of adress for some friend a meet and i had 18 to 20 years old but i dont know if they lived there again!!!!!!!!!!!so arrive to madrid take a cab and go to down town madrid!!!!!!!!!! on grand via street and now the fun beggin!!!!!!!!!!!!Sure with three years of spanish u can understand and maybe u can talk with people but the people there dont speak like a teacher so to fast for me and now i know im in trouble cause i understand nothing !!!!!!!!!!

so arrive at the hostal alestina maybe 5 corner of grand via near of the subway station i i rent a room there!!!!!so very cheap and im very happy!!!!!!! im very close of la puerta del sol!!!!!!! so down town old madrid !!!!!!!!first day was very difficult only for the adaptation and sure i need a good adaptation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but after 4 days all was ok its more easier for me to communicate with people and ask what i want to eat and room or importante thing like whereis la plaza major  so all problem was clear now cause i can talk with people ahaahahaahahah!!!!!!so i spend very long time in madrid sure now cause i dont have nothing to do but i have to much things to do so i beggin for the old madird and i visit all i can visit so i igo to the puerta del sol ,la plaza major,i saw the mercado de san miguel and i spend good time in coffe place and littl ebar where u go there only to take a drink and something to eat i beggin to appreciate more things now!!!!

after a couple of week i wrote to my first friend there estefania and i wait a answer !!!!!!!!so i continu my visit of madrid and i go to the borbon madrid and at this popint i saw the el prado museum el parque del retiro and many other things and sure i meet some tourist there go take some drink with all and make some good time there with local people and now i understand many thing about myself like humm its nice to meet people and talking with different cultre that i cant do in montreal cause im a little bit confuse in my mind to see all king of world i leave so now i appreciate that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when i arrive at my hotel i receive some new about my friedn and give her a meeting point a el station atocha !!!!!!!!!!so we spend good time with this friend and she invite me to go with her at school cause she was a teacher and i accept it but only some week later and we spend some time around old madrid with my old friend now im was very happy!!!!!!!!!



mario26 says:
yes the first time its was difficult but now its easier ahahaha
Posted on: Mar 04, 2008
emmajade says:
wow you were so brave to go to a whole new countrey where they don't speak the same language as you!
Posted on: Mar 04, 2008
the sweet brazilan group with me a…
the sweet brazilan group with me …
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