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Due to recent unfortunate situations, I have been feeling luke-warm towards my current hometown. As you may or may not know, my wallet was stolen last weekend. Don't be alarmed, I'm fine and not hurt at all and I still have my phone and keys and one credit card. And it's actually pretty cliché to be robbed in Barcelona. Almost everyone I've told has said "Oh, yeah my (insert belonging here) was stolen last week" or "Yeah, my (insert friend or family member here) was robbed here twice in the same week." I mean... not that Barcelona is unsafe or anything... You just have to watch out.

On top of that, I was sick (with a fever and cough) while I was on the phone with credit card companies and such... it was fun, I promise.

Anyway, I´m done with the pity party. To remedy my ¨luke-warm feelings,¨ I´m going to Andorra this weekend! Andorra, for those of who don´t know, is the tiny country in the Pyrenee mountains between France and Spain. It´s about 3 hours (by bus) away from Barcelona and is known for skiing, shopping (tax/duty-free!), and it has Europe´s largest spa complex! Who knew, right? Anyway, I´m going and I´m excited to return to Barcelona refreshed.

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photo by: fivepointpalm