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After Ireland, life back in Barcelona has been pretty hectic, to say the least. I think five months is just a really long time to be so far away from home with such limited access to all the things I´m used to. When I first got here, I had all the hopes in the world and thought I´d never want to leave. My, how things change...

Forgive me, but I´m not going to go into detail. I´m just going to say that my Spain experience has now been marked by some rather unfortunate experiences, along with the good ones I´ve had previously. Some would say I´ve had some bad luck and others would say I brought it upon myself, but it´s something I´m working through. That´s life, right?

Now, that´s not to say that may time here hasn´t been the most incredible learning experience I ever could have hoped for. Let´s just say that I could spend my entire life travelling, but for now I´m ready to get out of Barcelona. I have had so many unbelievable highs these past few months but an equal amount of unbelievable lows. Betty is one of my favorite people in the world and it´s going to be so hard to leave her, even though I know we will see each other again. I´ve become really close with her and I´ve learned so much about her life that has opened my eyes. I´m not going to go into detail (forgive me, again!) about her life for the sake of her own privacy, but she has suffered a lot in her life. And for a person so wonderful, it makes me think that if life doesn´t start to turn around for her, then there is no justice in this world. The only true source of joy she has in her life at this point is her ¨American daughters,¨many of with whom she is incredibly close (myself included, of course). I know that she will miss me a lot, but sometimes I wonder how I compare to the others.

When Aisa (her grandson)´s mom comes back to Spain in October, Betty will begin to have her freetime back and will begin to travel. Her dream destinations include Petra, Jordan and Mumbai, India. Of course, she also has to visit the United States, where she will stay with me and a few other of her girls in different states in exchange for yummy Spanish cooking and massages. Naturally, I made her promise to stay with me at some point.

I also see myself staying close with some of my American friends here. We´ve had some pretty incredible experiences together here in the past five months. So I can´t wait to go to Andalucía (Sevilla, Cadiz, Marbella and Granada) for nine days (I leave tomorrow!) with two of my best friends and then home shortly after that.
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