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La Mercat de la Boquería
Life in Barcelona, at the moment, feels oddly comfortable. Although it´s a completely different city than either Milwaukee or Bloomington, I´m learning my way around and am getting used to living with Betty. At first, I was just in awe about everything here. Now, although there is a lot that still fascinates me, I´m growing accustomed to Catalunyan life (although not Catalán, which is still completely foreign to me). I feel so disconnected with the limited use of internet (I´m used to IU, where I can get wireless access almost anywhere) and extremely limited use of the phone, but I think I´ll have a little more access once I start actual classes at the university. I´ll make sure to upload pictures as soon as I am able to get internet on my own computer. Other than the technological gap, things are going very well here.

I finally visited La Boquería, the famous market located just off of Las Ramblas. We went during mid-afternoon during the week, so not all of the stands were open, but it was still beautiful. I want to go on a Saturday morning when all the displays will be out and tons of people will be there. But there were fruits and vegetables and candy and chocolate and fish (with all parts intact and crabs that were still alive) and meat (including goats´heads and cow intestines) galore- it was fascinating and disgusting all at once and I loved it.

Then, the other night, I babysat for Aisa (Betty´s two-year-old grandson). It was pretty easy, since he just watched a little bit of ¨Buscando Nemo,¨(his favorite- it´s either that or Bambi every night) and then went to bed when I told him to. He´s muy bien. And he´s finally starting to talk to me too. It´s harder to understand him since he´s only two and doen´t understand that he needs to speak slowly and enunciate around me, but we´ve got the basics down. Anyway, he was rough-handling Nala, the puppy, for a little bit so I told him to ¨Dele un beso¨(give her a kiss). And he did! I was oddly excited that he understood me, but it was a proud moment! I was also glad I got to do a favor for Betty, since she´s been pretty good to me in terms of providing shelter, food, laundry service and just the right amount of companionship.

Later that night, I was on the couch doing some homework and watching CSI Miami dubbed over in Spanish after Betty got home. After a little while, I heard a gurgling noise and looked over to see Betty passed out on the couch with her mouth open. She reminded me of both my parents: Dad´s snoring, of course (she even had some of the same snoring patterns, like waking herself up after a big snore- it was impressive, let me tell you), and Mom´s passing out on the couch (except she wasn´t wearing a purple shmata). And Nala was curled up around her head. It made me miss someone vewy smaw- but also made me feel quite at home.
bshafrin says:
mmm...no one rocks a purple shmata like auntie pattie.
Posted on: Jan 29, 2008
bagelkids says:
What a vision of homelife, made me homesick too and I'm at home. Definitly made me miss my mom. Happy today. Love you honey
Posted on: Jan 29, 2008
Adenag says:
Thank you :) Love you and glad you're having a wonderful time
Posted on: Jan 24, 2008
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La Mercat de la Boquería
La Mercat de la Boquería
photo by: fivepointpalm