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I made it! Barcelona (or at least the little bit I've seen so far) is amazing. The flight was... entertaining, to say the least.
I flew from Chicago with my friends Kerry and Hilary to London and then Hilary went on to Madrid while Kerry and I caught our flight to Barcelona. But before we even left O'hare, Kerry got hit on by a British guy and then he made the man next to her on the plane switch seats with him! It was bizarre, but he was pretty funny. And Kerry thought he was cute too, so his affection wasn't unwelcome. Hilary and I just laughed at everything he said and did (like calling the Heathrow Airport "bollocks" and sneakily holding Kerry's hand), and the flight attendants found it funny too.
So Kerry left her "airplane boyfriend" in London and then on my second flight from London to Barcelona, I sat next to an Australian woman who had flown from Sydney to London to Barcelona and then was catching another flight to Granada, where she now lives with her fiancé whom she met while traveling in Europe (Don't worry, Mom and Dad, I'm not getting any ideas...)! But anyways, she is trying to learn Spanish and she is a freelance writer and seemed very interested that I am a Journalism/Spanish major. It was really cool to meet someone with so many different experiences than I, but who still had similar interests.
When we finally arrived in Barcelona, we met up with two other girls on my program and then three more people joined. I'll never forget looking out of the window of the airplane and seeing a huge metropolitan city with mountains peaking up next to buildings everywhere. Butterflies formed in my stomach as I stared at that completely foreign land. We met up with the people from CIEE (my program) and came here to the hotel. I'm completely and utterly exhausted and jet-lagged, but we were told not to sleep because that would just make it worse. But I want to go out and explore/party later so I think I might take a little nap. I will update more when I actually get to experience Barcelona/when I know more about my program. We have a group meeting in about two hours, so I'll find out more then. Hasta luego!
kbkenned says:
damn i remember when I got hit on by british guys in miami for the acda convention! those british guys certainly like american women :-)
Posted on: Jan 22, 2008
Adenag says:
I miss you my love! I'm glad you made it and I'll probably comment on every entry. Just so you know :)
Posted on: Jan 18, 2008
gillian817 says:
that is pretty much the best plane story ever. im sorry you didnt get an airplane bf too, but as barry pointed out hilary is pretty great. cant wait to hear about your family!
Posted on: Jan 16, 2008
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