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La Junta Central Fallera en Valencia

I recently began reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It´s about travelling in Europe, so I can really identify with some of the experiences, like three course lunch menus (with wine included) for less than 10 euros, incredible café con leche, and architecture that I only thought existed in history books. Yesterday I read a chapter in which the author wrote of walking through an italian bookstore, secretly hoping the locals would think she was a native speaker. The funny thing is, I was reading that chapter while riding the metro, making sure no one around me could see the cover, for fear they would know I was reading in English and I was not a true española. I guess that´s just a side effect of falling in love with a romance language.

Valencia last weekend was beautiful.

Statue in front of Valencia's (Calatrava's) Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias
It´s a really quaint town with ancient (but modern) architecture. We walked around the city to see the architecture and then visited the Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias and L´Oceanográfic, which reminded me a little of the aquarium in Atlanta, España-style (and not quite as big). We were only there for a day, though, so we didn´t get to do a whole lot. I´ll have pictures up sometime soon.

Classes finally began and I´m starting to get into a routine. I have four classes, all having something to do with spanish literature. They are all at the university; two are with other American students from my program and two are with real, live University of Barcelona students. My university classes are mildly terrifying and extremely exciting. My goal within the next week is to make at least one spanish friend in each class, not only because I want spanish friends, but also because then they can translate for me when the teacher speaks too fast. Wish me luck.

I´m also trying to start making travel plans. Venice, Dublin, London, Vienna, Madrid, Sevilla, Mayorca, Andorra and Tangiér are on the top of my list. And that´s just the top. So basically, I want to go everywhere. It´s an issue. If anyone reading this is in the area or has some good discount tips (aside from ryanair and skyscanner- I´m already hitting those up), let me know.

Y... nada (translated, this means ¨And... nothing,¨but it is used to mean ¨That´s all¨). I´m trying to incorporate it into my everyday vocabulary (along with ¨vale¨(okay), and ¨no pasa nada¨(it´s fine/don´t worry about it/nothing happens). ¡Hasta luego!

mamacitapatti18 says:
Hola mija. Ahora es tiempo para escribir mas porque te echo de menos mucho. Quiero leer mas!! Yo te amo. xoxo-tu mama!
Posted on: Feb 15, 2008
bshafrin says:
maybe boston?
Posted on: Feb 07, 2008
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La Junta Central Fallera en Valenc…
La Junta Central Fallera en Valen…
Statue in front of Valencias (Cal…
Statue in front of Valencia's (Ca…
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