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La playa

Bus ride number two from Cadiz to Marbella was lovely, as it took us along the southern coast of Spain, among mountain ranges on our left and the sea/ocean on our right. We even made a pit-stop in Algeciras, the Spanish city which acts as passageway to Morocco. We passed a lot of Moroccan-influenced architecture in the very south of the country and then arrived in beautiful, luxurious Marbella.

We checked into the hotel and once again, made a bee-line for the beach. (We definitely loved Cadiz, but hadn´t gotten our fill of the beach yet.) The town of Marbella is quaint yet touristy, and filled with British tourists.

The infamous pitcher of sangría that led to shananigans in the sea...
There is good food, good beaches and good shopping though, so I have nothing to complain about.

After another relaxing afternoon on the beach (even though the Mediterranean was colder than the Atlantic for some reason), we washed up and found a nice restaurant for dinner. It was honestly one of the best meals we had ever eaten in our lives (okay fine, I´ll admit, its deliciousness might be augmented by the fact that we are all pretty sick of tortilla and paella, but still, it was an awesome meal). I had salmon with sauteed vegetables and savory stuffed mushrooms. And no, it wasn´t exactly cheap, but we ate hostel food (only 5 euros per a whole plate of food!) three other nights, so we allowed ourselves to indulge a little- it´s hard not to in Marbella. The restaurant was called ¨La Comedia,¨and not only was the food delectable, but the service was good too! They actually asked us how our food was in the middle of our meal and brought us whatever we asked for.

.. I almost forgot I was still in Spain!

When our tummies were full and happy, we went in search of a bar and found a nice Colombian waiter who told us to wait a few minutes until he got off work and would take us to a cool bar. We agreed and went to a cool bar with great mojitos, just down the street from the beach. It was fun and relaxing... Totally different from the Barcelona nightlife, but very enjoyable.

My girlfriends wanted more beachtime the next day, but my fair skin was begging for mercy, so I shopped and walked around the town for the morning and then met them at the beach for just a few hours in the afternoon. So we relaxed once more, bid farewell to the beach, managed to get just a little bit more sunburned, and headed off to our final destination, Granada.

mpoll4 says:
& then -- HOME! Can't wait to see you.
Posted on: Jun 23, 2008
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La playa
La playa
The infamous pitcher of sangría t…
The infamous pitcher of sangría …
photo by: FK27