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Before I left for Thailand and was in the planning stages of my trip. One of the things that I definitely wanted to do was some mountaining biking. I did some research and you could do it in Phuket as well as Koh Samui. Since I was no longer in Phuket, I thought why not do it today in Samui. Being a industrious lad, I did all the research, got the address of the shop that I could do it at and even their phone number. I had a rough idea where they were according to a map. So I thought I was all set. With my shoes and biking gloves in my day pack I caught the first songthaew towards Lamai after a hearty English breakfast at a shop I discovered only yesterday.

But before too long things started to go pear shaped. I managed to get off the songthaew too early, so had to walk the rest of the way to the bike shop. As I've already realised from my experiences yesterday maps are deceptive. So I tried to jog rather than walk to the bike shop. Along the way I tried to get some directions from locals to make sure that I was going the right way. Everytime I asked they would say to keep on walking/jogging. So before I knew it I was dripping with sweat and late with the shop nowhere in sight. I tried calling the shop using my mobile phone but kept getting the answering machine everytime. What made it harder was the fact that properties are not numbered in any kind of sane order. Numbers of properties would jump in some random fashion. You know you're in trouble when you ask a local how to get to this number when you are standing on property which is meant to be near it and they say they don't know. So with at least 1-2 hours wasted. I eventually give up. It was just not meant to be. I would not be able to experience the exhiliration of decending a mountain with nothing but two wheels under you whilst in Thailand. Whilst the bike gloves don't take up any room in my backpack, I was a little annoyed that I brought with me some shoes to go riding in. Room in my backpack which could have easily fitted other clothes or things. Still to this day I don't know where that bike shop is, or even if it still exists.

With no towel in my backpack, I couldn't go to the beach which was nearby as an alternative either. So I made my way back to the Embassy and got my things to go to Chaweng Beach. It would be two days in a row that I would lay on the beach and read my book and just unwind. I can't complain about that can I.

As per usual, I met up with Viv and Jaime later on for dinner. However, Lina was also arriving in Samui tonight and she joined us halfway through dinner. We went to this indian restaurant which was really busy and made us wait for our food for quite a while. After dinner and some shopping, we made our way to Chaweng Beach to soak up the nights festivities once more. As Lina couldn't find any accomodation in Samui I offered her my room in the guesthouse. I just hope she doesn't snore.
bashmentbabe says:
lmao snoring is the worst ... i did the same thing in vegas everywhere was booked bcos of a fight night and this guy i was hanging with in vegas wanted to stay on in vegas since i had 2 double beds and was only using one i said he could stay in the other bed i didnt sleep at all for 2 nights straight it was soooooooooooooooo loud and annoying that after the 2 days of no sleep i chucked him out i said im really sorry but can you see if u can find another room because i havent slept in 2 days he said no problem and laughing that he was snoring so much.
Posted on: Jan 25, 2009
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Koh Samui
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