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After the sleepless 9 hour flight from Sydney. I arrived in Phuket at roughly 9pm tired and hungry. Having not prepaid for all meals on the flight and not purchasing enough snacks prior to the flight. I was starving. My original plan was to have a decent lunch at the airport and then arrive in Phuket at about 8pm for dinner. But since I was running late I only managed a meagre ham and cheese melt at the airport.

As often is the case when I'm tired and hungry, I will do anything to get to my hostel/hotel as quick as possible and check in and pop out for a meal. So I did what all lazy travellers do and sought the easiest option and caught a taxi. If I had the energy and mental capacity I would have sought other travellers to share the ride with. But at this particular moment I had no such ability. I threw caution into the wind and caught the first taxi I saw and didn't even bother bartering with him.

From my guidebook I was expecting the ride from the airport to Phuket Town to take roughly an hour. But was pleasantly surprised when I reached my destination in half that time. As with all hostels, the Phuket Backpacker did not look like much from the outside. But once inside it is actually quite cosy. After putting down my bags and weighing up my dinner options, I went for the closest eatery. 7-Eleven. :) Okay so it's not an eatery, but at least it had food. At this moment in time, I would have eaten just about anything to satisfy my rumbling stomach. Lucky for me 7-Eleven stocked more than just crisps and chocolates. Being in Thailand for the first time and hearing so much about the local cuisine I sought some out, abeit frozen. Okay a frozen meal is not my idea of fine dining or a valid first taste of authentic Thai food. But as I mentioned I was famished. So frozen food would have to do. After struggling with the microwave in the hostel for what seemed like a long time I nuked it as best as I could. What came out was a quite edible green chicken curry and rice.

With my hunger satisfied, and thirst quenched I had a long overdue shower. Whilst it was hot and humid in Sydney when I left, the humidity in Phuket that night was as humid as I've experienced in a long time. You get off the plane and within minutes you're well on your way to a sauna sweat. Well maybe that's over exaggerating it a bit. But take my word for it. It was humid. I'm not normally one for cold showers, but it seemed only right to have one tonight.

With said shower finished and some relaxing, it was nearly 11pm. Which was 3am Sydney time. So to say I was tired would be an understatement. I know it was Christmas eve, but I honestly couldn't stay up to enjoy the night. So I headed to bed in the hopes for a good nights rest. Well as always things don't go to plan. Little did I realise before I applied my head to the pillow, but the lounge room was directly below my room and no walls in between to absorb any of the sounds emanating from below. So I had one of the most restless nights I've had in quite a long time. The joys of hostel living. It's nights like this that I start to begin to wonder if I'm actually too old for hostels now. The value of a good nights rest is not appreciated by the young. God I sound like a really bitter old man. :\

bashmentbabe says:
definatly agree with you, need the quiet lol x
Posted on: Jan 25, 2009
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