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Chaweng beach walk
After having what was considered a relaxing night and sleeping in. I woke up fresh and ready. Amazing what a peaceful nights rest does to a person. The beauty of not having to share a room in a hostel.

With the sun shining and people nursing hangovers. It was a good quiet walk through Chaweng; south towards Lamai. What a difference the sun makes. What was vibrant often chaotic roads at dusk returns back as deserted island roads by morning. No shops are open except for the occasional convenience store and cafe offering all manners of bacon and eggs to the early crowd.

Having seen the map of the island the night before.
View from some fancy resort on the way to Lamai
It seemed like a good idea to walk to Lamai from Chaweng. I mean its only one fingers distance on the map. How long could the walk be. The idealist in me is an idiot. Sure it would have been ideal to walk along the beach with the soft sand under your feet and the mid-morning sun gently baking you. Thats if the path was a lot shorter and flat. Sure the sections where there was beaches were flat, but I failed to factor in the vast mountainous regions in between the beaches. The map lied to me. It definitely isn't walkable. What was initially going to be a relaxing morning stroll along the beaches of my new island home soon turned into a fully fledged hike. With that being said, the walk was nice. Walking along the beaches of Samui in the morning when the crowds are non-existant, you are rewarded with a clean beach with the occasional coconut washing up on the beach in between waves.
Happy that I found a coconut
The waves with their gentle whooshing clean the beaches of excess rubbish as best as they can. I guess thats what happens when you have bars and other developments right on the white sands of the beach.

Up until today, I had yet to experience any of the friendliness that the land of smiles is renown for. So when a passing scooter stopped me when I was walking up one of the countless hills of Samui on the way to Lamai, and proceeded to offer me a lift. I was sceptical, after being passed by millions of passing motorists and the throngs of local touts. However I was beginning to doubt my sanity, and beginning to become weary from all the walk. So I took him up on his offer and hopped onto the back of his scooter pushing all thoughts of being kidnapped/extorted to the back of my mind. In hindsight I am so glad I took him up on his offer.
Make that two coconuts ;)
As we raced down the hill and along the streets of Samui, I saw how far from Lamai I really was before he picked me up.

Once we stopped at Lamai Beach, I wasn't sure if I should offer him any money, did he want money. Or should I offer to buy him a drink on such a hot summers day. Before I had time to finish my train of thought he had already whisked away on his scooter leaving me feeling grateful and restoring my belief in human kindness. It is experiences like these which really define travelling for me. Somehow whenever I'm either stuck or in some sort of bind, there is always someone there to lend a helping hand.

The rest of the day, I spent relaxing on Lamai Beach. Reading my book. Watching people walk up and down the soft sand with the warm ocean waters lapping at their feet.
My pineapple vendor carving his magic.
It is so easy not to move once you have found your own little spot on the beach. Locals come and go selling you different trinkets and all manners of food. For lunch a wandering local sliced up the freshest pineapple I've ever had, he even threw in a banana as a bonus.  In between being offered massages on the beach by passing locals, I managed to get a bag of donuts from another person. You feel lazy just laying there all day and being served with all this great hospitality. If it didn't feel like a holiday before, it certainly did today.

Before I knew it, the sun had set and it was time for me to head back to Chaweng and meet up with Viv and Jaime for dinner. I was definitely not going to make the same mistake twice and found a passing motorbike taxi on the main road back to Chaweng.
Pineapple + Banana + Beach = Paradise
Even if it was a lot dearer than I would have liked to pay for the ride, I definitely didn't want to walk back so offered no objections and was climbing and descending the many hills of Samui back to Chaweng at great speed.

We ended up relaxing on the beach on one of the many seats set up at night after dinner. With a cold beer in hand, back carefully rested on an axe pillow, nothing but the stars above our heads and the occasional lantern drifting towards space. To say it was the perfect way to end a relaxing day on an island would be just about right.
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Chaweng beach walk
Chaweng beach walk
View from some fancy resort on the…
View from some fancy resort on th…
Happy that I found a coconut
Happy that I found a coconut
Make that two coconuts ;)
Make that two coconuts ;)
My pineapple vendor carving his ma…
My pineapple vendor carving his m…
Pineapple + Banana + Beach = Parad…
Pineapple + Banana + Beach = Para…
People fishing at the rocks.
People fishing at the rocks.
Koh Samui
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