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Okay so I've been looking forward to my trip to Thailand for quite a while now. With the holiday season beginning and another work year closing, what better way to destress and reflect on the year that has past than on the white sandy beaches of Thailand. Sure if I really wanted a beach holiday, I could easily have stayed in Sydney. Hell I've already gone to the beach a handful of times before I actually left for Thailand today, but I was searching for something more exotic.

Having only gone to my doctor only 2 weeks prior to get my vaccinations (due to poor planning on my part) and getting some amenities for the trip I was all ready. With a backpack full of singlets and underwear I was aiming to travel as light as I could. It didn't make much sense to pack any jumpers or any kind of shirt which didn't cut off above the elbows. If I needed anything else I would pick it up along the way.

For some reason which is insignificant I was running a tad late to the airport today. But the recommended 2 hours check in time frame was always quite generous, or so I thought. Anyway I got there with just over an hour until the flight departed. I was shocked to find the check in queue really empty. Actually there was no queue at all. There were 2 other check in counters occupied with other travellers, which left a couple free for me to check in at. Too easy. I've avoided the crowds. Anyway the guy at the counter says I can't check you in yet with a smile. Okay. Sure. I shared a chuckle with him. I just thought he was trying to be funny. Anyway after a minute or two of clicking on his keyboard and conferring with his supervisor I realised that he wasn't actually joking. It seems that they have overbooked the flight and don't know if they have a spot on the plane for me. Anyway after a few anxious moments they come back and say that I will be the last person they let on the plane.  Whilst I was relieved of this fact I was also quite aggravated that they would do this. Overbook a flight in the hopes that some people would cancel or miss the flight. I mean subconsciously I've always known, but it never was me who was the party who could miss a flight. With my ticket in hand, I quietly proceeded to the food hall so I could grab a bite to eat before the flight; whilst trying not to make eye contact with the people following me trying to check in to my flight.

Having not boarded a flight for some time, I didn't realise that it had become mandatory for all travellers to discard of liquids in their carry on luggage before passing through the gates. Being a thirsty person, I had packed not only one bottle of water, but 2 bottles of water and a red bull as well (so that I could stay awake on the flight and subsequent arrival in Phuket). On the positive side, my carry on luggage now weighed 2 kg less.

I'm not sure why, but I always somehow manage to catch all the planes which are delayed. After passing through all the gates and settling in the boarding gate area with a comfy chair, my wait turned from 5-10 mins to over an hour. Somehow the were missing one flight attendant and we had to wait for her/him to come to work. Oh the joys of waiting at the airport.

The flight itself was mediocre. The seat was cramped, there was a smelly child sitting behind me kicking my chair and shoving her foot on my arm rest, and there was far too much talking for my liking. I mean I don't expect planes to be a solemn place where nobody talks, but I expect some civility and not children running about. I guess that's what I get for booking a budget airline around the holiday season when all families take their kids overseas. At least I didn't need my red bull to keep me awake on the plane, cause I assure you I couldn't have gotten a wink of sleep with the people surrounding me playing musical chairs even if I tried.

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photo by: Sunflower300