Day 6: Another Lazy Day at the Trek Stop

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Butterfly at the sanctuary at the Trek Stop

Woke up late this morning and then headed down to the Trek Stop restaurant to order a side of fryjacks to go with our cereal.

Wandered down to the butcher shop in Succotz after that to pick up T-bone steak to marinate for dinner. Along the way said goodbye to our new friends from Minnesota as they were waiting for the bus to take them to the next stop on their vacation- Placencia, Belize. The cattle in Belize are all grass fed so it needs to be marinated to be tender. I whipped up a quick marinade as follows from ingredients on hand: juice of 1 orange, 1 bottle coca-cola, soy sauce, plenty of Marie Sharp harbenero sauce, steak sauce, a bt of rum, 1/4 onion and 2 cloves of garlic.

We spent the morning watching tv at the restaurant, catching up with emails (free internet access at The Trek Stop) and napping in the hammocks.

Our friends from Minnesota waiting for the bus to take them to Placencia.
We also tried our hand a disc golf. It's like regular golf but with frisbees. It's an actual sport with a devoted following and we had never even heard of it prior to this. I suck at it of course as with all sports.

I made grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches for lunch served with a side of fresh bananas and oranges. Then the afternoon consisted of more napping, reading, walking into Succotz and chatting with another large tour group that checked in that evening. Jon got into a debate with the Trek Stop owner over seperation of chuch and state. That was entertaining to watch. There was a Canadian couple staying at the Trek Stop and they made a point of expression how much they looked down upon Americans who take religion seriously. I found them to be a bit offensive and not at all representative of the normally kind and outgoing Canadians I have met.

Chickens in a Succotz yard

The big excitement of the afternoon was the invasion of the army ants. I went back to our cabin to change clothes around 4pm and there were hundreds and hundreds of these ants marching everywhere- on the doors, under the doors inside our cabin, and on the walls inside the cabin. I FREAKED. John and Tino of the Trek Stop told me not to panic that the army ants are in the business of cleaning out an entire predetermined area of all other insects and then they calmly move on. I was skeptical and headed off to read in the kitchen. Sure enough, an hour later they were completed gone, assumably having taken all traces of other insects living near our cabin with them. Tino says it can be scary when they invade in the middle of the night- you have to take your baby and leave your home for a few hours until they are finished.

Flowers in a Succotz yard
And if you try to block them from coming in, forget it! They will wait and try again- they are on a schedule and your place is on their to-do list. Better to let them do their business and be done with it.

For dinner I served up the steak with sauteed onions and we ordered a side of rice and beans from the restaurant to go with it. The marinade created a delicious flavor in the steak but it was still not as tender as I am used to.

After dinner we read in our cabin until bedtime. While brushing my teeth a giant wolf spider walked across my path. It looks similar to a tarantula but about half the size. Freaky. Good thing I am not afraid of spiders.



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Butterfly at the sanctuary at the …
Butterfly at the sanctuary at the…
Our friends from Minnesota waiting…
Our friends from Minnesota waitin…
Chickens in a Succotz yard
Chickens in a Succotz yard
Flowers in a Succotz yard
Flowers in a Succotz yard
Typical home in Belize countryside…
Typical home in Belize countrysid…
Jenni visits with the free roaming…
Jenni visits with the free roamin…
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