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Finally we arrive!

Another blog entry where I don't really know where to start!

We left Toronto bus terminal as planned after using up time by going to see a very odd film ironically called 'Normal'. It was bitterly cold outside and we couldn't afford to sit in a bar drinking coke for 5 hours! The bus left at 1am as planned and was busier than I expected. I managed to sleep a little. We arrived at the border crossing at about 5 am, and were greeted by one of the rudest women I have ever met. She looked at me like she'd just scraped me off her shoe, and asked why we were going into the States. I replied that we were travelling around, starting in Chicago. Apparently this was not a good enough answer, as she said 'that doesn't tell me what you are doing here, I'll ask again, what is the purpose of your visit?'. For a second i thought that she was going to refuse entry there and then, but Lisa said 'tourism' and she seemed satisfied. However, she did want to see our tickets home and our hotel reservation so I'm glad we had them!

We passed through the border and went onto Detroit bus terminal where we found we were to get off and wait til 7.40am for a connecting bus. Apologies now to anyone reading this from Detroit, and granted we did not leave the terminal but oh my god don't EVER get stuck there. We were there for only a couple of hours, but it was shared with about 20 drunk tramps roaming and sleeping. It honestly was not something I want to have to encounter again *shudders*.

The bus was slightly late leaving as snow storms were potentially going to stop the trip altogether, but we left just after 8am. Our third bus journey within 24hrs was unfortunatly the longest, and we arrived in Chicago just after 3pm, having only eaten old cheese sandwiches, crisps and nutrigrains since the nights before. We had decided a couple of weeks ago to spend the birthday dollars I received (thanks guys! x) on a decent hotel for a few nights, so we were very relieved to arrive, in our private room, with our private bathroom, bliss.

I have to write about the meal we had this evening (well about 5pm, we were starving!). We just had a wander and as usual on the first night we got abit stuck finding somewhere we could both enjoy and ended up in a bar restaurant which did veggie burgers as well as meat dishes. I have been missing my cheese so decided to treat myself to some cheesey garlic bread which came as almost a whole baguette with a large pot of herby tomato sauce too. Honestly, I could hear my arteries closing as I ate it, but it was SO good, Next we each had a burger, Lisa veggie and mine, well, meat. Again, enormous portions with potato salad too! Lisa decided that we really ought to sample the cheesecake after, just to see if it was any good, so we shared one. It was amazing, delicious, we sat there after feeling slightly like we might have heart attacks, but thinking it would be worth it all the same. The best bit? $32. Between us. That's equivalent to 8 pounds each!!! So tonight we are going to bed tired, full, clean (finally) and without the soothing sound of random people snoring 2 feet away. Welcome to America, hell yeah!!

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Finally we arrive!
Finally we arrive!
photo by: mahoney