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The Grand Canyon from the plane

We flew from Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale, connecting In Housten. We actually flew over the Grand Canyon which was FANTASTIC, and we didn't have to shell out $200 to do it!! Due to heavy winds our first plane was delayed and so we only had an hour before our second plane actually took off! Luckily we were fine, but were told that 60 international passengers hadn't quite made it and were stuck in the terminal building.

The time difference meant that we didn't arrive in Fort Lauderdale until 7.

Inland canals in Fort Lauderdale
30pm and it was already getting dark, so we decided not to try and find our hostel by public transport and get in a cab instead. For Lauderdale is apparantely famed for it's yachting community, so there is a huge crew community, the hostels serve both backpackers and deckhands. I knew that our hostel was also a crew house, so found the address in the guidebook and tried to instruct the driver. It was a very quiet road when we found it, and no one seemed to be about. One guy who was saying there gave us the number to call, but the woman said she didn't have our booking. This has happenend before where the website hasn't been reliable, but this time she said she was full and couldn't accommodate us. By this time it was approaching 9pm and we were stuck on a back street. She said we could ask the guy next door who also owned a crew house. We managed to catch him just as he was leaving, and although he said they didn't take backpackers he allowed us to squeeze in as we were clearly stranded.
Palm trees with actual coconuts growing!!
We couldn't stay in the same room, and I ended up in a male dorm full of Aussies deckhands!! I made use of the wifi to check the booking with the intention of writing a letter of complaint, when I discovered that actually we weren't booked into that hostel as all, but a completely different one which wasn't even in the guidebook!!! Ooooooops, I went and confessed to Lisa straight away as I figured if she was angry she would have got over it by the morning!!

Since we had arrived at night, we didn't know how hot it was going to be during the day. So we left at about midday to walk to the new hostel (it was only a couple of inches on the map). Unfortunatly the map didn't have a scale, and after walking for about half an hour we were both ready to keel over and had hardly moved on the map. We cut our losses and managed to hail a cab whose driver thought it was hilarious that we had thought we could walk what turned out to be several miles.

After realising my mistake the night before I had put in the time to research a believable excuse as to why we hadn't turned up the night before, even finding out the times of connecting flights to validate our story. Luckilly the guy didn't ask too many questions and said that as long as we still stayed 2 nights he wouldn't charge us. Excellent!

The hostel was only 1 block away from the beach, a gorgeous quiet stretch of sand which we then spent the next two days enjoying. The waves were bigger than we are used to so we spent loads of time mucking about in the sea. We even saw fish swimming past, and pelicans flying close over our heads! In the evenings we relaxed by the hostel pool with a beer or two, realising that Fort Lauderdale really wasn't so bad after all!

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The Grand Canyon from the plane
The Grand Canyon from the plane
Inland canals in Fort Lauderdale
Inland canals in Fort Lauderdale
Palm trees with actual coconuts gr…
Palm trees with actual coconuts g…