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The lions at MGM

Our last day in Las Vegas was a bit of a rush to see the things which we hadn't managed to on the first day. We started off by getting the bus to the other end of the strip to walk all the way past things we'd only seem on the bus or in the dark. Then we went into the MGM Grand casino where they had a lion habitat (apparantly descendants of the original MGM lion). There are over 30 lions on a ranch north of Las Vegas and every 4 hours they rotate the lions that are on show.

MGM hotel casino
It was amazing, there was a male and female year old cub and 3 trainers in with them. They were playing ball, and chase and stuff with the keepers, basically acting in exactly the same way as domestic cats. When they got tired they even went over to the keepers and did a 'head rub' like cats, it was VERY cute!

As we walked into the casino we were handed a ticket by CBS the television production company who wanted audience feedback for their shows. We signed up and after a short wait were excorted into a room with some other people where we sat at our own computer in front of a large TV. A woman came in and told us we were going to watch a programme and then answer a questionaire, during the programme we had a dial in front of us that was connected to the computer and we had to turn it according to our enjoyment of the programme! When it started it was CSI New York which was great because we watch it all the time at home! It was an odd thing to do but fun, and they gave us discount vouchers as we left!

We decided on the way past to see if they had any good deals at the half price ticket counter as we wanted to see a show but they were really pricey (some over $100!).

From one mentalist to another.... haha
We decided that we wanted to 'the Mentalist' Gerry McCambridge as it was reasonably cheap and I LOVE Derren Brown who does that kind of work as well. He does sort of mind reading stuff, and mind altering, it confusing to explain if you've never come across it before but was just like Derren Brown. His first trick was to accurately predict which phone number out of a phone book would be randomly chosen. He explained afterwards that he had 'led' the volunteers to chose the number by altering his body language and using knowledge of statistics to predict things, like which column people would chose out of 4. It was really good, and he signed a DVD for me afterwards, although he did call me a smart arse when he asked my name and I replied 'You tell me!' !!

By joining the club at that casino too (Hooters, snigger), we were able to see the following show for free, a comedian called Bobby Slayton. He was very funny, quite scary as he picked on the audience a lot, and exceedingly politically incorrect! After an exhausting day we crawled into bed knowing that we had to be up early again for the airport shuttle to pick us up and take us on the next leg of our journey!

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The lions at MGM
The lions at MGM
MGM hotel casino
MGM hotel casino
From one mentalist to another.... …
From one mentalist to another....…
Las Vegas
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