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Technically I'm not going to write about Seattle at all, because we only arrived earlier today and we haven't actually done anything yet.

The main purpose of this entry is to show the amazing view from the John Hancock building in Chicago. We decided to go up this tower instead of the Sears as we were told that the view was actually better, and the price cheaper! However, we chose instead to don our finest clothes (hmmm) and have a drink in the Signature Lounge 2 floors higher than their observation tower for 'free'.

Free meant that we had to buy a drink, which actually cost the same as the admission fee as they were so expensive. We knew this in advance though so it wasn't a big shock, and it turned out to be a very good move. Not only did we get a drink for our money, but we got to sit at a table directly on the other side of a glass wall taking in the view for about an hour and a half (there is only so long I can stretch a glass of wine for!). The evening sky looked a bit cloudy so we weren't expecting the views to be that great, I'm sure our jaws visibly dropped as we walked in. Not only was the whole downtown 'loop' area beautifully lit up, but we could see residential streets in their neat grid patterns for miles on each side. Amusingly enough, the view from the toilet was even better, the wall was floor to ceiling unobstructed glass, although we did get some funny looks as we spent quite some time taking photos from the toilet.

So now we are in Seattle after a very uneventful 3 ½ hour flight. The transport system from the airport was very strange. As soon as we reached downtown, the bus descended into a tunnel and never came out! It is like an underground system but for the bus! It was fairly easy to find our stop, and the hostel, which is a close to the main centre as anyone would want to be! I can look out of the window and see people milling past, the big Pike Street Market is about 15 seconds walk away! I am also delighted to report that we were able to get from the airport to the hostel WITHOUT OUR COATS! It isn't warm, but it is certainly warmer than we've been since we left, hopefully it won't be as uncomfortable to do simple things like investigate the local shops and streets.

jennjeff1 says:
Ah, the secret of the Signature Lounge is out! I love watching the grid come on line as the sun goes down while sipping a good German white wine in "the lounge" at 101 floors up.
~Jeff from Chicago
Posted on: Feb 22, 2008
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photo by: diisha392