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Take off the jumper...!

Well we had an interesting journey here, largely due to my thermal over-excitement (note to self, you do NOT need 12 layers in Gatwick airport!). After spending a little time aquainting myself with the floor, I felt well enough to have some breakfast and complete the checking in process! Let's face it, I was going to keel over at some point, it may as well be while I'm still in the country! We flew via Belfast, staying there for about 45 mins, which meant the total time on the plane was about 9 hours, and it felt it! Neither of us could sleep at all, and the films weren't very good so most of the time we argued about who was playing the DS and comparing food!

Quite a lot of the way over there were no clouds so we could see the Atlantic which felt very strange. We flew in a curve across the ocean, so the first land we saw was probably Newfoundland.

Our first sighting of Canadian land!
At first I thought we were flying over clouds, then realised it was snow covered land! It was incredible, it looked so bleak, but from the air you could also see patterns of frozen rivers and lakes.

Our hostel had given us intructions for how to find it from the airport, so we got on a shuttle bus for about half an hour, it was very simple. I have nothing to compare the hostel to at the moment but it seems nice. We are in a small room with bunk beds with 2 Aussie girls who are friendly, breakfast is free (but rationed!), and so is internet access! It is about 5 minutes walk from the CN tower and 10-15 mins from the main shopping streets which is fantastic. When we arrived we couldn't find much that was open, but apparently Sundays are like that. We had a VERY long walk about today and it was much busier and all open! Everything is very clean and organised here, we have seen no litter or graffiti anywhere. In fact the over organisation has been quite scary, the tables in the food court were in perfect lines, the apples in supermarket in a pyramid! One thing we have noticed is how much further along the recycling route Canada is. The streets have recycling places alongside the bins, as do all the food places, I am quite worried about putting my rubbish in the wrong place and getting filthy looks!

We are here for four days before heading to Haliburton for the dog sledding, so today spent time getting ourselves orientated. We must have looked particularly puzzled this morning as a woman came over and recommended sights to see. We were quite shocked, at first I though she was trying to sell us a tour but she was just friendly (me skeptical, never..!), and gave us some useful tips! We bought some food to cook in the evenings so we have a bit more budget to visit places during the day. Speaking of which, my stomach is calling, I must go and find my inner Delia!

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Take off the jumper...!
Take off the jumper...!
Our first sighting of Canadian lan…
Our first sighting of Canadian la…
photo by: yasuyo