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After responding to a forum in the thread "what is the stickiest situation you have been in when travelling", I was prompted to write my CR blog.

So the next morning...

Basically, I ended up partying up all night in Pavones (about as far southwest as you can go) and long story short, I never made it back to the hostel in the morning. I finally stumbled in at about 7am still awake to find my furious sister who had already been out on the beach looking for me. We had a 6:00am bus to catch because we had about 4 others to get onto before arriving in San Jose for our departure out of the country. We missed the bus which ruined our chances of making any of the next bus schedules on time.

So we got the next AND only bus out of Pavones at 12:00 and luckily made it to the next town where the next bus waited. At the next bus stop we found out there were no more buses running for the day so we were screwed. We decided we would hitchhike...and within minutes were picked up by 2 guys that spoke no english. It was my first time hitchhiking so I was a little apprehensive but we had to be to San Jose by the morning. When I noticed the machetes under the seats I imagined being hacked to death in the forest somewhere so I told my sister "let's get the hell out of here". While they could have been the nicest guys in the world (I'll never know) but when we approached a police checkpoint on the road I said "Mi hermana esta enferma" and got out with her pretending to feel ill.
Quepos, CR
Ahhh, the safety of the police! So then we waited about an hour with la policia and finally they found us a ride up to San Jose with a bus that had just dropped a tour group off down south and was heading back to San Jose with only the bus driver and his assistant. We drove for a while when the bus driver announced he was going to stop for a cold drink and he asked if we would join him. We went and sat in some bar while our bus driver chatted with friends and had a beer. No harm, I suppose. After about 30 minutes I went and told him that we really needed to get to SJ to catch a plane in the morning and he was like ok, ok let me just take some friends to this other bar. So our empty bus suddenly became the Costa Rican party bus and we went to another bar and the bus driver said he's be right back. My sister and I just waited in the bus and after an hour rolled by I went inside and was like, "we paid you $20, we need to get to SJ as soon as possible". He said he'd be right out. He wasn't. I went back in and he must have had 6 beers by now and had a glazed over look in his eyes and was slurring. and there is no way you want to drive at night on the Pan American highway if you don't have to, even worse with a drunk driver! My sister and I grabbed our stuff from the bus (and I forgot to mention we couldn't get the door open so we had to crawl in and out through the windows) and I started yelling at the guy in what was probably horrible spanish and his friends had to hold him back from hitting me! We went up to the street and jumped in the back of a truck that took us up the road to the next town. From there, in all desperation we hailed a taxi to take us to San Jose -- which would cost about $300 USD. Because it was my fault my sister told me I had to pay and I was just ready to get somewhere stable so we went to an ATM and the machine stole my card. Luckily, I was with my sister because then she paid! Finally, we arrived in San Jose at 5am and were dropped off in the city at a hotel that you pay for by the hour. By the time we woke up and headed to the airport the next day I was so ready to get out of there!!!

gvcymru says:
I've noticed that you seem to like crawling through windows- the bus and the hotel!!
Is that something I should be prepared to do a lot when I go to Central America?
Posted on: Jan 02, 2009
ashleynpearson says:
Yes, and sadly this type of stuff happens to me more than I'd like to admit!
Posted on: Jan 22, 2008
Bondy2007 says:
Did you smash many mirrors when you were younger, maybe in a mirror shop i.e. how unlucky can one person get!
Posted on: Jan 22, 2008
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Quepos, CR
Quepos, CR
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