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Tunnel under the Alps in Switzerland

After the gorgeous scenery around Strasbourg, the rest of the morning was uneventful. At least, until we came to the Swiss border. Switzerland, not belonging to the EU, is the last country in Western Europe with borders. The Swiss are known throughout Europe for their strict immigration policy. They do a fine job keeping everyone out they don't want in their country. So, there we were, the Swiss border. We were 'warmly welcomed' by two female guards, who gave us an icy look and with a nodding gesture, pointed us to a parking space. Immediately my heart started pounding faster, sweat appeared on my forehead. My mind went in overdrive, thoughts bounced on the inside like in pinball machine. Oh oh, we are so dead. They are going to rip this car apart, turn it up side down and then find all sorts of contraband and illegal substances.

Here we had our first dinner in Villars
We are going to rot in jail for the next eighteen years or so.


Well, they didn't rip the car apart and neither did we have to be scared. After all, we weren't carrying anything illegal. It was a routine passport check. But you should have seen how these 'ladies' looked at us. Those penetrating eyes sent shivers down my spine. They made me feel guilty without having done anything. After four minute, they were done with running our numbers through the system and we were on our way again.


At midday, we arrived at the chalet. First things first, I put the heater on a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius. After unloading the car and looking hazy and weary at each other, we simultaneously decided the groceries would have to wait and getting some sleep should be next on our list. After a refreshing nap (of an hour or four, LOL), we went down the mountain to get the much needed groceries, after which we had dinner at Hotel/restaurant Alpe Fleurie. This being 'second Christmas day', I was very happy to have remembered to book a table in advance, the last time we were here.
KeikoCreative says:
Rudolph, I think film director position suits u very much:P Great description LOL:D
Posted on: Nov 03, 2008
aotw says:
Hmmm Swiss borders, I also have some stories about them even I have a swiss passport ;)
Posted on: Oct 05, 2008
Sunflower300 says:
You write a fantastic blog, Rudolph! I enjoyed every minute of it. You had me laughing my head off with your experience at the Swiss border. :)
Posted on: Jan 17, 2008
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Tunnel under the Alps in Switzerla…
Tunnel under the Alps in Switzerl…
Here we had our first dinner in Vi…
Here we had our first dinner in V…
I hope this cloudy weather isnt h…
I hope this cloudy weather isn't …
theres plenty of snow
there's plenty of snow
Snow covered roofs
Snow covered roofs
The wind plays funny tricks on snow
The wind plays funny tricks on snow
Foxes roam the neighborhood
Foxes roam the neighborhood
Night sets in
Night sets in
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