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After getting back from Kazanawa, Im staying in Tokyo for another 2 nights. We got back around mid afternoon so all we did was rest before going out for dinner. We went to a Korean BBQ that was quite different than in America. For one the portions were much much smaller. Not much went on that night since everyone was soooo tired. The next morning I saw my dad off to the airport since he was leaving a day earlier. Then I went to see the famous cherry blossoms close by. We didnt go to the more famous and more crowded spot, instead to a a place close by. Only a subway stop away. I took so many photos there and it was so pretty. They only bloom for a few days. When it rains the bloomed flowers fall off and are replaced by green buds. And they only bloom one time a year. After my aunt and my two cousins went shopping. I decided to wonder around the neighborhood. I grabbed a bite at Wendys since I havent had a spicy chicken in so long. After I went hopping around to the different arcades in the area. I caught two piggy doll keychains for my cousin who was born in the year of the pig and collects everything piggy. At night we had dinner at the hotel resturant and then my cousins and I went out to this Irish pub I had found earlier in the day. It was a good time except this guy who get annoying us, trying to hit on my cousins. He was a producer for the AP in Japan. He wouldnt get the hint they didnt want to talk to him and then even had the audacity of saying and I quote Taiwan is bullshit. I almost blew my top as did my cousins. I immedietly told him to Fuck off. After exchanging a few more words we finished our drink and left.
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photo by: maka77