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When i arrived in Tokyo, I was tired. Very very tired. I had barely slept on the plane. The free movies kept me up. I couldn't resist watching the latest blockbusters that I didn't watch in the theaters. Anyway, I was able to make my way to the Shinjuku station where my hotel was by. At first I couldn't find it. I ended up walking around in a huge circle. I knew the lobby of the hotel was on the 20th floor so it had to be a tall building. So I walked around looking for tall buildings. The first few was wrong, but after an hour, I finally found it. It was the building with the name of my hotel on it. I saw it earlier but the name was covered by another building so I thought nothing of it.

When I finally arrived and checked in, I met up with my uncle and we hung out for a few hours waiting for the rest of my family to get it. He gave me a quick tour around the neighborhood I was in, and then we went to his apartment to chill. When everyone got in finally, we all went out for dinner. We had some Japanese cusine and after weeks of shitty food, it was quite delicious. I also had a few drinks with my uncle and dad. Acutally we had quite a few. After dinner me and pops went out looking for another bar. We had a very good conversation and I realized Im a lot like my dad. He tipped the bar tender very generiously (he was drunk) and I tip generiously when Im drunk too. The next morning I headed over to my uncles apartment to meet up with my mom who went there earlier. Me, mom, and pops when to this shrine temple thats very famous. I actually had gone there before when I was younger, around 10 years old. Being there again was like deva vu. Very little had changed. For dinner (we do meals big since theres a lot of us together, me, my mom and pops, my aunt and my two cousins, my grandma, my uncle, aunt, and other two cousins) we went to this place where they deep fried everything. Everything is served on a stick and they keep giving you food till you say stop. I ended up having 40. The record is 148 something or something close to that. The next day I stayed in bed the whole day just recharging my body. At night we had dinner at this place that only serves pork. It was soooo tender and good. The pork was from Osaka or someplace around there. Tomorrow we're heading to the hot springs which are very well known in Japan.

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photo by: maka77