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I tried to make the most out of being in a sunny place. Really I did. Ok so one day I did nothing but sleep but it was because of a cold I felt coming on. Anyway, when I got in, the hostel I originally booked for did not have my reservations. Extremely jet lagged I cursed under my breath but asked if there was anything they could do or if they had any open rooms. They did not, but they did find me another hostel just as good. As it turns out the place was on my list of good Lisbon hostel I'd stay at. The first night there, I participated in their tapas night. They don't call it tapas since thats spanish, but I forgot the portugese word for it. It was really good. They set up this hollow ceramic pig, and put alcohol in it. They then light it up and cook all different kinds of sausages on it. Some were more spicier than other and others were even marinated in red wine. They next morning I actually woke up earlier enough for their breakfast. It was pretty decent, eggs and toast, only because they served eggs. A lot of places dont. After filling my belly and getting the energy I needed, I walked to St. Georges Castle, or Castello di San Jorge. I spent about an hour exploring inside before leaving. I then continued upwards in the neighbor hood till I reached this church that presented a great view of the entire city including the castle. After I made my way down to Alfama to explore. I could tell it was one of the oldest neighborhoods in Lisbon. It smelt like it and had flies everywhere.

That night I went on the hostel pub crawl. Their culture of drinking is too chill. Everywhere we went was pretty much empty. What was cool was that you could put your drink in a plastic cup and go outside. That's how everybody did it, drink outside listening to random music from random places. At the last place, a disco, they played cheesy 80's music. I couldnt take it so I went back. They only good thing about the night was the cheap cheap drinks. Probably the cheapest in Europe. The McDonalds were also cheap here. I know since thats where I had lunch (i was only able to eat 4 nuggets) and a midnight snack after being stuck in bed all day. A hangover and cold does not mix well together.

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