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Tonite is my last night in Auckland and I couldn't be sadder. After only being gone for 7 days, it feels like 7 weeks. Yet in those 7 days I've already seen so much and meet so many cool people that I wouldn't have otherwise met. The first few days I started out like any normal tourist. I went to all the attractions, the Sky Tower, the Auckland Musuem, the Art Gallery, etc. I experienced the wildlife with a trip to the zoo, and the Kelly Tarlton Underwater Adventure.

What really stood out to me about New Zealand is the outdoor scene. They have so many beautiful beaches, and an orgy of outdoor activities from skydiving, to kayaking and fishing. I'm not really an outdoor type so I didn't indulge in these things, but still appriciated them. The one "outdoor" thing that I actually did do, I'm quite proud of.

There's this volcanic island that's a 25 min ferry ride from Auckland. Ragitoto Island. Or "I wish i were dead island". Thinking that I was still in shape I decided to walk up to the summit. All 295 km of it. Now i can't convert that to miles or anything but it's very high. Not to mention very hot due to the lava rocks dotting the landscape. At first I kept a steady pace, but as the incline got steep, and the trail more rock filled, I started to doubt myself. Turn back. Who cares if you made it to the top. Well, I pushed the thoughts out of my head like how I pushed my way to the top.

I'm glad I did. The view up there was breath-taking. Not to mention I didnt quit. It was a personal victory. A small victory but one nonetheless. I had made it to the top. That chunck of rock couldnt defeat me. Only I could defeat myself, and I didnt. I made it to the top and witnessed a stunning view.

As for the other hours in my day, I wont bore with details. Some light cooking (toast and peanut butter), laundry, and a whole lot of reading. Im already on my third book. But that's not to say my nights were boring. I'd play scrabble, or share a beer. Just the other night I smoked a spliff with a few friends I met at the hostel. I've also been drawing a lot in my book. A visual recoreder for my trip around the world. This one British guy i met at a pub gave me a fantastic idea. One so fantastic he was actually the first. The first to draw a page in my book. Others will follow in his steps. Just the other night Liz from Australia put together a great page.  So far everyone I've met has been friendly and generious.

"You're only young once, but if you did it right, once is enough" - some quote of an STA wall.


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photo by: Fulla