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So after learning about my canceled accomadation in Dublin (only later to have it rebooked somewhere else) I decided to head down to Barcelona since a friend from back home would be in town for a few days. She´s here with her family to visit her younger sister who´s studying here. It also her birthday. After getting settled, I met up with them at this lounge. It was a good time, especially since I got to see a familiar face. I had a blast hanging out with her, her sister and her friends. After we left the lounge we went to this club. Since I was wearing sneakers I had to bribe the doorman to get in. Once inside it was crowded and the VIP section was kind of wack. I ended up taking a bottle and heading back to my friend´s sisters apartment. There we blazed a bit. I didnt end up getting home till 5.

The next day I went around town to view the sites. I saw the Santa Familia by Gaudi. He´s a famous architect who uses natural elements for inspiration. Seeing his building was awe inspiring. From the columns that mimicks a tree to the blockism figures adorning the outside. The outside even reminded me of termite hills (probably intentional). After I visited another apartment building redesigned by Gaudi. Seeing the before and after blew me away. The roof was incredible, like rolling hills or something out of a surreal painting. It was very wavy orientated. The outside also looked dramatically different than the original. Inside also housed an exhibit by Music. He´s painter whos known for his series "We Are Not The Last". It like an abstraction of human corpses. He spent a year in a concentration camp in Italy and the death and everything effected him subconsciencely. He´s done other works, landscapes, dalmation, but its his "We Are Not The Last" series that really stands out. It shows the fragility of humans and the cruelty we wreck on each other.

The next day, I went to the Arch de Tromp (I feel like everyplace either has an Arch or a Sky Tower) and just hung out in the park. It was such a beautiful day. I saw baby ducks, and a baby goose I think. I took some pics of them. Then I went to this thing which was the entrance to the national art gallery. I decided not to go, and just headed back for a nap, and eventually getting some chores done (printing air tickets, laundry). Its too bad I didnt get to see my friend again though.

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photo by: fivepointpalm