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The best thing about traveling, besides the sights, is the people you meet. My roommate turned out to be from Columbia, and works in Spain. He´s been working there for the past 7 years. His hometown is Medaeine (again i suck at spelling), the infamous town where Paublo Escobar started his reign. And get this, he´s the frontman for a metal band, Infernal. Its quite big in Columbia and parts of Mexico. Anyway, after getting in, we grab something to eat and then to a bar for a few drinks. We chat and turns out we have a few things in common. We both love to travel and arent afraid of what other people think. We also like to party and get some "action" regardless of price. He even invited me down to visit him in Columbia since he makes the trip back atleast once a year (I plan on taking him up on the offer).

The next day we head over to the Viking ship musuem. It was really cool since Ive been looking at so many cultures and now I get to see some of the Viking civilization. Not to mention they gave us the Norse gods like Odin and Thor. Peering into a bit of their history, I realized not much is known how they lived, yet they influenced many other cultures. For one they were one of the first to sail to North America. We also went to the Maritime Musuem. It was empty. Seeing the evolution of ships and fishing in Norway was decently interesting. I do have an affinity with water.

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photo by: sarahsan