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So I decied to stay in Copenhagen an extra day. Two reasons. 1, I arrived in Amsterdam a day earlier than I planned. Not for the excitment of getting there but rather I forgot this was a leap year. 2, I couldnt find lodging in Stockholm till Sat night. This worked out to my benefit since it afforded me an extra day to explore the city. Like my normal "just got into the city" tradition, after I checked in, I set out. I walked a huge circle around the city center trying to take in everything. At night I hung out with my roommates in the hostel. They were from Ireland and on break visiting everywhere. Almost like every other person Ive met. The next day I went to Christiana. Its like this commune. They consider themselves seperate from the EU. They dont pay taxes and live in their own secluded bubble. I heard it was full of artists and other types of people, but it looked like a shanty town. It was a cool experience though. They have a few resturants, some souveniors for sale, and more importantly, no photos were allowed. So the memories of what I saw and experience can only be recalled in my mind. I also heard the government is trying to shut it down. That´s sad. These people live their own way not harming anyone, and now the government wants to come in, and put up a few condos instead.

At night I went out with a few friends I met. An aussie who I met my first night, a kiwi, another aussi, and 2 irish guys. It was great. English the entire night. We first went to this resturant that was suppose to have a vibrating dance floor. Sad to say, it did not vibrate. Afterwards we went to a few Irish pubs till the girls went back. Us guys then went back to where we ate and the place was more pumping. We danced, tried to hit on a few girls, drank. Fun was had by all. Especially me since I was dancing like no one was there, free in my mind. Maybe I was a bit drunker than I thought. The next morning was brutal. I stayed in longer than I wanted. After I forced myself up, I wandered over to the little mermaid statue. It was an incredible sight considering Im a huge Disney fan. I never knew Hans Christian Anderson wrote the original story, and a whole bunch of other fairy tales. I always thought the name was familiar.

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photo by: the_bill