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After spending way too long in Rome (not really) I finally made it to Florence. Before leaving, I managed to see ancient Rome. It was mind boggling that it was the place where Caesar and others walked and lived. Ive been to so many ancient sites and it never gets old. I also managed to see a few more musuems that I didnt get to earlier in my stay. I also ended up going on the pub crawl again. This time i managed to make it to the third stop. But I did have to pay the price for it the next morning. On my train ride I was dying of thirst. A 3 hour train ride where all I could think of is water. They didnt have a food cart or anything. I even tried to drink out of the sink but there was no water. No water. Finally when I made it to Florence, I brought 2 bottles of water and chugged it all down. Needless to say I was very satisfied. Though in my haste for water, I got off a stop too early and was at the Campo di Marti station instead of the main one.

After appriciating Raphel's art and use of color, Ive found an artist to worship. Though I knew his works, Ive never really appriciated them. His name is Michelangelo. In my short time here Ive devoured anything I can read about him and his works. His David is quite breath taking that I almost laughed to myself in disbelief that I was actually standing in front of it. His unfinished works also proved the genius that he was. They seemed like they were real people trying to escape the marble, just like his approach to sculpture. To free the form in the matter. I payed my respect at his tomb and went to every musuem that held any works that he did. The Bargello, Uffizi, Galleria de Accamdia, Capella di Medici, even Casa Buorinatti (his house). He will be what I strive for in my art.

Among the many musuems and other works by other artists (da Vinci, Botticelli, Raphel) I saw the Doumo, and the other sites in Florence. There really werent any real sites but rather tons of musuems. Ive now seen a lot of Renissance art and have greater appriciation for them. I still admire the masters, da Vinci and Raphel, but its Michelangelos work that stands tall like his David.


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photo by: spocklogic