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Whats interesting about Belgium is that it is a country split by two languages. French and Dutch. Even the street signs are in both languages. So my train pulls into Brussels, and like someone who has never ridden a train, I get anxious about getting off at the right place. Little did I know the stop I got off at was the stop before the main station. That´s twice now. Once in Florence, and now again in Brussels. So I get a cab and get to the hostel only to find that the reception is closed. I head over to a McDonalds, order some food, and basically killing time. After I checked in (they only had room for 1 night) I set out to explore the city of Brussels. I wondered around the city center, trying to see all the comic art walls. Its these walls with a huge panel from popular Belgium comics. Pretty appropriate considering the Comic Strip Musuem is also located here. I also visited Manukken (will check spelling later) Pis. The famous little statue of a boy pissing. Went and saw the square by Lil Pis and took some photos. I really wasnt sure or remember the name of the buildings but I felt they were quite important. During my wonderings I also came across this bar Celtica. It had happy hour from 1 pm to 12 am. 11 hours!! They had Stella Arquios for 1 euro and Budwiser (the Chzek Rep Budwiser, not American Budwiser) for 2 euros. Let just say I spend way too much time there that night.

The next day amid a hangover, I had to check out early and find a new place to stay. Most hostels were booked so I tried a few budget hotels. Even they were booked. Eventually I found a place nearby. The only bad thing is that it didnt have a bathroom. There was a communal toilet on the floor but no shower. I spent the day napping and recovering, and later on managed to get up and go to the Comic Strip Musuem. I saw the history of Belguim comics even though I couldnt understand most of it. Tin-Tin and apparently even the Smurfs originated in Belgium. Later in the night, while going out for food, I was robbed. Actually not really. The thief has this trick where they get your attention. They stick out their foot and while you´re looking, they hook it around your leg, while pickpocketing your back pocket. When this happened to me, imagine the guys shock when all he got was old train tickets and bar coasters. I took it back from him, called him a mother fucker and nice try and walked off. After dinner while walking back, another guy tried the same move on me, but this time I was smarter (unlike the train). When he tried to show me his foot and stuck it out, I told him to fuck off.

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photo by: Vlindeke