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So Ive reached the 2 month mark in my travels. I have to admit, I did not see any sights in the city of Stockholm. I was uninterested, and was also recovering from a night out. I seem to be having a lot of those lately. After performing my ritual, I went back to the hostel to rest a bit. When my new friend came back (we met outside the hostel waiting for reception to open) we went out to get a few beers. He had some food left and invited me to eat with him. He made buttered pasta and sausages. Im glad he did since I now know how to make a camp food favorite. After drinking the rest of our beers we realized we had the same goals in Sweden. To get with the hot blonde locals. We ended up going to this bar/club on the main street. The cover was high but it was alright. They also have blackjack tables  (pretty common since I saw it at another place). After a few drinks too many, dancing up a storm, and betting ( i won some and i lost some ) I went outside for air. Trying to get back in I got denied. Reason...I was too drunk. After putting up a fight, I finally relented, called the guy a racist, and got my coat and left. Still pissed I walked down the street to another place. I got in just fine, which fueled my anger since I reasoned I was not too drunk. Pissed, I headed back.

At the hostel I vented in my travel book, interviewed people on what heart break meant to them (part of my epiphany I had in Amsterdam to go to Argentina to paint for 3 weeks) and sort of made a mess with pringles. This guy wanted some so I launched some across the room. Apparently the guy was part of this group I met in Copenhagen. They were pretty chill except the tall guy with glasses. He didnt enjoy my antics that night. I dont think we wouldve gotten along. Anyway, my friend came back and told me he was "fired" from the club. I guess they didnt let him back in either. I spent the next day in bed, only getting up to shower and get something to eat. After when my friend got back from sight seeing, we went out to a pub for a few drinks and watched a soccer game. Overall, I have no regrets not seeing any sights. I was overly tired and just needed a few days of doing nothing. Especially since my feet were killing me with all the walking Ive been doing.

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photo by: Chokk