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View looking North over the Harbour Bridge towards Kirribilli.
Situated just North of Circular Quay over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, lies the small, quaint area known as Kirribilli. Staying on the 6th floor of a 3 bedroom flat with my family, I had such a spectacular view to enjoy when I woke up and when I went to bed. With a 180 degree view facing towards the North Sydney skyline, within view of the Harbour Bridge, and a great view of Neutral Bay, I could soak it all up in one brief stroll around the apartment. There were 3 separate balconies to soak up the suns rays and enjoy the fresh harbor breeze. It got quite windy around dusk, enough to blow over a vase on a table inside! But besides that, eating with a gentle breeze in the generally warm and humid days of the Australian summer was absolutely unforgettable.

I arrived at Sydney's Kingford Smith airport on the morning of December 19th, 2007. Near my apartment is the park called, Anderson Park. There Kingford Smith and some other dude took off in a Lockheed Altair to complete the first Trans-Pacific flight. It is quite a small park, but you can feel the breeze blowing strongly into the park, oppositie the direction they would have taken off. I could just picture is all in my mind! By the way, I really love looking at and hearing airplanes. They are such fascinating engineering marvels. I flew on a United 747, they look beautiful in the air, and are truly a symbol of internationally travel.

For the first week there I either ran or walked over the Harbour bridge from the apartment to Circular Quay and back. Sometimes I would loop around the Sydney Opera House which is beautiful. Around noon the light reflects off the roof and it just glows out on the water. I didn't have time to go see a show there unfortunately, but on a previous trip there I saw a classical music concert.

Circular Quay is a large ferry station. There are multiple wharfs that service ferries to all parts of Sydney Harbor. Large cruise ships also dock there for days at a time. There are many shops and coffee shops next to the water. I enjoyed one of many cappuccinos there on a regular basis. Just next to the wharfs, past the train rail above, is large bus depot. So there are many options for transportation in the area, I enjoyed walking since the weather was warm and not too bad in the shade. If you head up Pitt St. you will hit a ton of shops. I think it was Martin Pl. or something but going up enough blocks you will hit the mall and venturing through there you will see Hyde Park etc.

But back to Kirribilli, since that is the title of my blog. They have a great butcher there, from which we purchased many sausages: chicken-apple, beef and beer, spicy italian, the list goes on. Of course there we drenched in to-maw-toe sauce. I actually got used to pronouncing it that way and not saying regular ol' tomato or ketchup. Oh and if you didn't know they call them chips, not french fries. Chips in the USA are called crisps in Australia. And it's not a reservation, it's a booking. So get it right mate, it's not dude!

Stir Crazy deserves mention as an excellent Thai restaurant. From the busy tables every night, and the multiple drive-up cars picking up call-in orders, there food was excellent. I only had take out twice from them, since our party was always to big to get a table there since it is quite small and we always had 8+. I also had Thai Foon which was excellent, but only went there since Stir Crazy was packed once again! The Freckle-faced cafe had excellent breakfast, and again I enjoyed an excellent cappuccino. There is a meat pie shop that sells well meat pies, but also a bunch of nice deserts and pastries. If you like meat pies, hit 'em up early before they sell out! They are made fresh, and taste excellent.

Besides the great food in Kirribilli, you have close access to the Milson's Point train station, which is just one stop, over the bridge, to Wynard which will put you into a good location to access much of Sydney. There is also the Milson's Point ferry station which is just two or three stops from Darling Harbor which as great attractions such as the Sydney Aquarium, and Sydney Wildlife World. Both can be visited for a discounted combined ticket. But beware if you go during peak season like I did, you will be waiting awhile to go see the Shark tank. Probably the only thing worthwhile at the aquarium unless you really love looking at fish in a crowded environment. Oh, and a lot of people were "Finding Nemo" in the tank with a fish that looked a lot like Nemo.

Another cafe worth mentioning was the Sunset Cafe next to Luna Park and Milson's Ferry point. By the way, Luna park is a small amusement park with carnival games and several carinval rides like a carousel, bumper cars, and a ferris wheel. I didn't spend much time there since it was hot outside! But I did eat at Sunset Cafe which has an excellent red curry fish dish that I wolfed down quickly. They are generally booked solid and we had to eat within 40 mins or not eat at all!

The last week and a half of my trip, my family rented a car. I had never driven in Sydney before, but I voluntered to drive! I had driven once before when I visited New Zealand, but that was out in the country, with not a car around. It was a manual transmission though, and at one point I was driving in Christchurch through the city, quite exciting! So anyway, Sydney was great fun to drive around and Kirribilli is so close to the bridge you can just hop on and drive over to Sydney. Also has easy access to Military Road and M10 to head up to Manly and the excellent Northern beaches.

I am currently in Washington DC. I flew home to SFO on the morning of January 8th, 2008 and within 8 hrs I was in the air again flying on a red-eye to Washington DC for work. I am quite exhausted! I need another good sleep tonight to hopefully get through all the jet-lag. Thanks for reading, I hope to write more soon about my trip, cause it helps me relive the experience.
rollerblading says:
Great blog entry! Spot on about Kirribilli!
Posted on: May 26, 2008
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View looking North over the Harbou…
View looking North over the Harbo…
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