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I made it to Oz on Saturday, with baggage!  It arrived around 7pm or so the night before in Christchurch sometime after being lost in Los Angeles for a couple days.  I threw the stuff in my room and headed running.  I have no idea how far or even the time because I was in such a rush to get going.  I ran through a park twice and along a nice pretty stream.
I got here to Oz on Saturday, checked into the hostel, and then went walking.  There is a beautiful botanical park only a few k from the hostel and I walked through that and saw all the neat ibis birds.  They are long necked with curved beaks and are about a foot tall.  I also saw tons of flying foxes and cockatoos-they are loud and annoying just like my mom's.  I also walked through part of the city just by the Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera House.  I still haven't taken my camera because I keep forgetting, so I haven't taken a single picture yet.  I'll get to it I promise.  After my many hours long walk I returned to the hostel for a quick nap, and then woke up at 6am the next morning.  Oops!
Yesterday I did another long walk to the National Maritime Museum (it's free) and walked through that for about three hours or so.  Then I got some lunch at a Macau restaurant and headed back to the hostel.  I met a Canadian guy in my room and we agreed to go out later that evening.  In the meantime I decided to go for a run.  It got really cloudy and humid, and then started raining halfway through the run.  I'm not used to the humidity anymore and was dripping like I used to in Tonga by the time I finished.  I think I might have scared some people at the hostel.
I started drinking with the Canadian guy around 7pm or so and then met some other people from the hostel on the rooftop area.  Mostly UK guys.  There is even one guy from Scotland who has the exact same flight as me to Malaysia on Thursday.  And I even understood his speech after he had been drinking for hours!  (If you know how Scots speak when they are drunk you would consider this quite an achievement)  I headed out to a bar across the street with some other people from the hostel, but it was really early (only 1030pm) so there weren't many people there.  We took a walk through the area.  It's called King's Cross and is the nightlife section of Sydney.  I guess I should have registered that before I booked the hostel.  Anyway the area is filled with bars, nightclubs, stripjoints, and prostitutes, not to mention the legions of cracked-out meth whores that look like zombies the next day, and at night too I guess.  Anyway, we headed back to the same bar, which had picked up some since the last time, but was still kind of a dive bar, and a dive nightclub on the second floor.  We met some American girls from Detroit and went to this Irish bar down the street that was packed to the brim.  I managed to deal with the overcrowdedness, mostly due to $5 pints of Guiness, and the next thing I knew it was 5am.  Time passes so quickly when you are out acting like a 20-year-old.
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photo by: Sunflower300