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Honduras Cantina Crawl 2007

We arrived in Santa Rose de Copan 1 jalone and 3 bus rides later for a total of at least 8 hours travel time. Not to mention the bus between San Pedro Sula and Santa Rose was extremely HOT! My friend who was volunteering in Guatemala at the time also took a bus down to meet us for a few days and partake in the shenanigans.

Every year for St. Patrick's Day the Peace Corps volunteers in Honduras hold a cantina crawl in Santa Rosa. They have a PC house there, that a bunch of the PCVs rent annually because in that region they are not close to the main office in Teguc so it gives them a place to go to get away from their sites for a few days. Luckily, we ended up getting to stay there for much less than we would have paid a hotel.

After the long bus ride, we went to sleep early and woke up the next morning refreshed and ready to start the festivities.

We woke up and had coffee, just as you do about 5 times a day in Honduras. By then the place had been infiltrated by PCVs so what better than to start the morning off with a Salva Vida or Port Royal beer! I began drinking at 11:00 and by 18:00 we were ready to start the debauchery that would be the annual Cantina Crawl! There were around 50 people crammed into the house. Everyone split into teams and had a scorecard where you got 1 point for beer, 2 points for liquor, and 3 for shots. My self-proclaimed drinking group stumbled over to bar numero uno (1 of 9 that we would make it to later). I think we ordered a bottle of guaro for the table.

Friends, old and new
..but not to sure. Everything was good up until bar number 2. There, groups combined and lost members. A few fond memories I have of the night include a karaoke bar where everyone was singing Elton John's "Can you feel the love tonight" while I was being hit on by a drunk Honduran who fell off his bar stool and just laid on the ground for a few minutes, passing around a bottle of guaro on the dancefloor, and then being splashed by a car that drove through a puddle and not really even noticing until I saw the pictures the next morning. Some other crazy stuff happened but no need to get into detail.... 9 bars later and I was still standing. Slurring, but standing.

The best part was that by the end of the night, NOT ONE single person still had their scorecard. Guess we all won.

Nine bars later... I am soaked, drunk, and don't really care!
..or lost?

Waking up the next morning, I thought I felt surprisingly good. We had to catch a bus back to Tegucigalpa. We got there late so it was standing room only. It was raining outside so the bus was steamy, hot, and I was standing up so I could not look out the windows. About 20 minutes or so into the drive I became weak and ill. Luckily, they carry plastic bags on the buses for just such an occasion. I had no seat so I walked to the front of the bus and sat on the steps and sat there and vomitted (to put it nicely) for close to 2 hours. Just as I would start to feel better, I'd look outside and see houses moving sideways and UGH, just like that...splat...into the bag! I think I went through 3. People had to crawl over me and my big pack to get out of the bus at stops but I was by then too weak to move. I'm actually surprised that we didn't run off the road the way the bus driver was whipping around corners. At one point, I hoped for it because it seemed like a better alternative for my current situation...only joking, of course.

Finally, we got to San Pedro Sula and I was able to get a seat and felt a lot better! Once we got to Teguc I felt fine. I went to sleep early and woke up and caught my plane home for some much needed rest!

Reephboy says:
La Salvavida lo que se llama cerveza!
Nobody drinks like Peace Corps!
Your story has me reminiscing and smiling big!
Thanks for sharing.
Posted on: Feb 01, 2008
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Honduras Cantina Crawl 2007
Honduras Cantina Crawl 2007
Friends, old and new
Friends, old and new
Nine bars later... I am soaked, dr…
Nine bars later... I am soaked, d…
Santa Rosa de Copan
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