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After gettin in around 6am from xmas night, we had to get up at 8am to head out into the desert to try sandboarding in the huge dunes on the outskirts of Swakopmund. Trying to climb these dunes, wearing snowboarding boots, carrying your board, in the heat of summer in the desert with the dehydration from the excess alcohol consumed the day before was bloody hard work, but ultimately worth it. We each had several goes at stand up boarding on highly greased snowboards, including stacking it over the jump they had at the top of the dune, and then a couple of goes at lying down and heading down the dunes face 1st at about 80kph on a bit of plywood, which was a great laugh too. By the time i had climbed the dunes about 7 times i was knackered, but after a quick butty and drink i was on my way to the skydiving club, to do my tandem skydive. nobody else from the group decided to do this-and they all so missed out. I'd previously done a tandem skydive in western australia in 03 from 14000ft, this time i'd only be going from 10000ft, but the views were way better. Because of a dispute between the club and the airport owner, we were driven out into the middle of the desert to just a flat bit of ground and picked up there and taken to what turned out to be 11000ft. The views were great, you could see swakopmund, the desert, the coast and the dunes, so no matter which direction you looked there was something different to see. The thrill of jumping out of a plane is exhilirting, and with scenery like that it makes it all the better to appreciate when the shoot opens and you just glide down. My advice is that everyone should do it at least once in their life, and make sure ya get it recorded, so you can watch it back on less exciting days! The evening was spent reliving the events of the day over a few ice cold ciders meeting random people from all over the world in a few of the bars around swakopmund. All in all a top day and a top town/city to spend a few highly charged days being a lunatic, or just as easily lounging around this cool town.
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photo by: Chelsea