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Today we were doing more cultural things so we drove for hrs into the desert to the visitor centre for the petrified forest. The images in my head was of something that look like a forest out of stone, but what it is is actually something that looks like rocks scattered around the desert. We were taken round the area and the guide pointed out which rocks were actually petrified trees that had become rock like over millions of years because of presuure and the minerals found there. To be honest i left disapointed, having walked around what looked like a large rockery for 20minutes after such a long drive to get there.

Next we went to the  visitor centre for the indiginous rock carvings. We were taken on a guided tour of rocks in the middle of nowhere, and shown where people had scarteched pictures of animals on the rocks as a way to teach the younger generations about the different species. Again this was a disapointment, and i couldn't help feeling i should be more appreciative of the bygone cultures, but it just didn't appeal to me.

That night we camped by(in) a dried up river bed under the stars again, gazing up at the milky way and orions belt, and watching for shooting stars and satelites. Before bed we were treated by some of the locals(for a small fee) to some traditional regional songs. There was no music to accompany the singing and dancing but their voices were amazing, a real treat.

SmileyGirl says:
I dont think the rocks would thrill me either lol
Posted on: Jan 08, 2011
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photo by: Jennyc2007